My Belo Beauty Bank

Introducing the Belo Beauty Bank

We know you’re excited to receive your recent purchases from the Belo Shop, or you’re chomping at the bit for Belo clinics to reopen so you can once again enjoy your favorite treatments. We miss you, too! And to give you something to look forward to while we wait out this quarantine period, we are introducing the Belo Beauty Bank!

It’s simple—you will be entitled to free additional credits when you deposit a minimum amount to you Belo Beauty account. These credits can be used to purchase items at the Belo Shop, and you can also use them to pay for your treatments once our clinics reopen.

Here’s how it works:

1. Head to the Belo Shop to make your deposit.

One-Time DepositAdditional Credit You Can Use for Products + Services
P300,000P345,000 (+15%)
P500,000P600,000 (+20%)

Think of it as advanced savings—you can “bank” your beauty budget with us to make room for even more products and services in the future!

2. Pay for your beauty deposit via debit card, straight credit card, or PayPal.

3. Voilá! Your credits are ready for use! You can now use them at the Belo Shop, or save them for when you come in for your next treatment.

Enjoy, Belo Beauties! For any concerns, email us at

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