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A groundbreaking approach designed to tackle androgenetic alopecia, Belo developed a comprehensive two-step treatment aimed to fight the root cause of balding.

The treatment includes the following:

a. Scalp-deep cleaning: using a device called the Deux Clair®, this cleanses the scalp of oil/sebum, pollutants and product residues to enhance the effectiveness of subsequent treatments
b. Mesotherapy: Discover ExoScalp Hair Restoration – Belo’s innovative solution for androgenetic alopecia. Step one cleanses deeply with the Deux Clair® device. Step two utilizes Mesotherapy with a specialized “mesogun,” delivering a potent mix of ASCE+ Exosomes and other key ingredients to revitalize hair follicles, promoting thicker, healthier hair.

DURATION: varies per patient; depending on extent of hair loss and response to treatment

BEST FOR: patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia who desire a non-invasive solution for hair restoration

PRICE: Starts at ₱36,000 per session

Prices may change without prior notice.

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