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ZO® Facial

Combining Belo Medical Group’s expertise with science-backed formulations of using Dr. Zein Obagi, MD formulated ZO® Skin Health’s facial products, our four (4) different ZO Facial Treatments are designed to provide a comprehensive regimen that will address different skin concerns.

a. ZO® ANTI-AGING FACIAL – designed to strengthen skin structure including tightening, firming and improving the appearance of sagging skin, loss of contour and elasticity. 

b. ZO® BRIGHTENING FACIAL – targets pigment-related issues from dark patches to uneven skin tones

c. ZO® OIL CONTROL FACIAL – combining the ZO®’s Stimulator Peel, Aloe Hydra Massage Gel and Complexion Clearing Masque, this is specifically designed for oily and acne-prone skin

d. ZO® REDNESS CONTROL FACIAL– provides relief from visible signs and symptoms of red and sensitive skin (rosacea), soothing skin and reducing irritation 

We strongly recommend booking a consultation with a Belo doctor first to know which facial is best for your skin type.

TREATMENT TIME: Once every 2 weeks (Anti-Aging Facial & Redness Control Facial) ; Once a week for a month (Brightening Facial and Oil Control Facial)

DURATION: 45 minutes

PRICE: ₱5,600

Prices may change without prior notice.

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