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10 IG Accounts to Follow for Better Mental Health

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 10, 2021

It’s tough to keep your head above water in these trying times. Even as the vaccines pour in and life around the world slowly (read: very slowly) turns back to normal, these next few months will undoubtedly be a challenge. When you need some inspiration—or just a quick reminder to keep going, take breaks, or give yourself loving, much needed affirmations—here are 10 Instagram accounts you should add to your Following list for better mental health.

  1. @doodledwellness

Helmed by Amy Tran, who has an M.A. in Psychology, this account will help you get attuned to self-awareness and lead you to healthier habits.

  1. @thebehaviourtherapist

Psychotherapist Nabill Zafir, who specializes in trauma-informed counselling, gives you usable tips to help navigate your life after a tumultuous childhood or difficult experience. AKA, free therapy.

  1. @findmywellbeing

Ever feel like you’re alone in your struggles with depression or anxiety? This account shares the mental health struggles of your favorite celebs. We’ve seen quotes from Lizzo, Meghan Markle, and Gina Rodriguez, to name a few.

  1. @healingfromptsd

Misconception check: You don’t have to be an Army veteran to suffer from PTSD. It can occur from toxic relationships, abusive family members, and more. But learning is a continuous process, so that’s okay—jump into this IG account to keep learning how to overcome trauma.

  1. @letstalk.mentalhealth

The journey to better mental well-being is not at all linear—sometimes, you’ll have days where you slide back into dark thoughts and negative behaviors. But this account is filled with helpful guide points to assure you you’re headed in the right direction.

  1. @katies.self.care.diaries

Katie, who uses this platform to open up about her own anxiety and OCD, takes a special focus on the relationships in our lives, and how they inform our mental health…whether it’s food, work, or a significant other.

  1. @bandaidforheart

This account is exactly as its username advertises—a band-aid for your anxious, worried heart. It can be depressing to think about the fact that you’re depressed. You can see where that cycle would take you. But as you scroll through the posts here, you’ll realize that your mental health sitch is nothing to be ashamed or fearful of.

  1. @wetheurban

This black-owned account celebrates “inclusivity, self-love, and marginalized voices.” Their running theme of “not sure who needs to hear this today, but…” posts are the perfect first thing to see in the morning.

  1. @case.kenny

Case Kenny is the author of Single Is Your Superpower and host of New Mindset, Who Dis, and on his IG, he loves scribbling positive notes on coffee cups…or pieces of paper he then spreads all around his hometown of Chicago, Illinois (you can see him in action in the video above).

  1. @still.life

The key to “being still,” according to the account, is to “reduce suffering, increase well-being, and build towards a life well-lived.” Their retro graphics help us visualize our otherwise intangible thoughts and emotions. For those who learn best when illustrations are involved, this is the account you’ll want to follow.

Any mental health-related IG accounts you love to scroll through? Tell us about them @belobeauty on IG and @belo_beauty on TikTok.

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