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3 Questions to Ask About Alar Trimming Healing Time

By admin on October 9, 2019

In cosmetic surgery, there are constant opportunities to improve and to give clients what they need. When it comes to adjusting your nose, there’s more than one way to get to the shape you want. Alar trimming allows for more people to get that look they’ve dreamed about. If this is new to you, allow us to explain what you need to know about the procedure along with the alar trimming healing time.

Alar Trimming Healing Time: The Truth

The main advantage of alar trimming is how the healing time isn’t that long.

Patients are usually advised to rest and take it easy for a week. They just need to be careful and to avoid touching their nasal area. Some swelling may occur but it will subside in seven days. All in all, complete recovery is seen after two months.

Now that we’ve settled this, let’s go through the basics of alar trimming.

Questions on Alar Trimming

#1. What is it?

The procedure is also called alarplasty. This entails the trimming of the nostril (alae) may be done to reduce the width of the nose.

#2 What are the advantages of alar trimming once done?

Alar trimming reduces the width of the nostrils, making it more contoured and defined. This procedure entails resizing the nose to enhance facial harmony or to restore structure and function.

#3 How long does it take?

The surgery is between one to two hours, varying from patient to patient according to their preference and the recommendation of the surgeon. With Belo Medical expertise, it is done safely with local anesthesia and is an out-patient procedure.

Do you want to know more about alar trimming? Call Belo Medical now at 8819-BELO (2356) or email and let our experts guide you.

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