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5 Beauty ASMR YouTube Channels for Better Sleep

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 12, 2021

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is one of the strangest things to take over the world. Who knew that weird audio triggers could induce focus, relaxation, and even sleep? It’s proven to have health benefits as well, per a 2018 study conducted by the University of Sheffield in the UK: “People who experience ASMR benefit emotionally and physiologically when watching videos that trigger the sensations. They reported the highest levels of positive emotions and lowest levels of negative emotions, and their heart rates dropped to levels comparable to what’s been observed during mindfulness meditation.” 

And there’s an ASMR video for everything, from boyfriend/husband roleplay to wooden triggers to Ecuadorian spiritual cleansing and so, so much more. Let’s just say the ASMR cinematic universe is pretty far-reaching. But our favorite sub-branch has to be beauty/beauty doctor ASMR, where people play the role of a dermatologist or aesthetician to lull you to sleep with soft and gentle triggers. Here are 5 beauty ASMR channels you should follow for better sleep.

  1. Botox Treatment and Lip Fillers by Latte ASMR

Do you miss us? We miss having you, too. But while our clinics aren’t open, you can sort of replicate the Belo Experience at home with this Botox-lip fillers ASMR treatment video. Because there’s a ‘doctor’s consultation’ in here, you can learn a little bit about the treatments as well. Latte is a widely respected creator in the community because she puts a lot of effort into her roleplaying videos, so she’s perfect for first-timers who want to know what it’s like to feel ~tingles~ (which you feel in your scalp, neck, and spine when a sound triggers you in just the right way).

  1. Very Gentle Facial Treatment for Sensitive Skin by Myaling ASMR

This is one of my personal favorites by Myaling, an ASMRtist from Busan, South Korea. Complete with a temperature check, hand disinfection,  some satisfying typing sounds, and a pre-appointment questionnaire (like the Belo AIQ), it really captures what it’s like to get a beauty treatment in a pandemic. Myaling focuses on skincare-related tingles: the watery swish of toner in a bottle, long fingernails clicking against the plastic lid of a jar of beauty cream, the sound of cotton pads being dunked into micellar water….we could go on and on until we fall asleep.

  1. Dermatologist Laser Treatment by Dana ASMR


Are you the type that gets distracted when the TV is on while you’re trying to fall asleep? This video is by Park Da-ham, a Korean content creator, and the fact that it’s in a different language may help you drift off more easily (since your brain won’t be preoccupied trying to listen to what she’s saying—you’ll focus on the softness of her voice instead). In this video, you’ll experience a realistic in-clinic beauty treatment, from checking in at the front desk to consultation to multi-step treatment…just like at Belo!

  1. ASMR Dermatologist Clears Your Skin by SophieMichelle ASMR

Sophie’s gentle British accent is just what we need to wind down after a particularly grueling work day. It’s the closest thing we can get to a premium facial in London right now. There’s something so relaxing about hearing tissue crinkle as she ‘removes’ makeup from your face. 

  1. Dehydrated Clogged Skin Facial + Microneedling for Acne Scars & Scalp Massage by JadeyWadey 180

If you want to see beauty treatments happening to an actual person, then here’s the best one we’ve seen so far—it looks just as relaxing and effective as the facials we have at Belo. You can live vicariously through her model, Michelle, as she gets shoulder massages, facial steaming, deep cleansing, microneedling, blue light therapy, and a face mask to top everything off. You wish that were you, huh? (Don’t worry—it will be you when we see you again soon!)

We hope it won’t be long until we can give you a relaxing skincare experience again. Until then, we hope these videos will tide you over. Which ones did you love? Tag us @belobeauty on IG or @belo_beauty on TikTok.

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