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5 Hair-Washing Habits You’re Probably Doing Wrong

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 11, 2020

Just like brushing your teeth, there’s a right and wrong way to wash your hair. It’s not as simple as squeezing a dollop of shampoo into your hand, making sure your scalp bubbles up, and then rinsing off! If you want to avoid dandruff, residue, excessive oiliness and more, you’ll need to wash your hair properly. Here are 5 hair-washing habits you’re probably doing wrong—and how to correct them.

1. DO NOT use too much shampoo.

We know it’s nice to feel and see a great big lather, but there is such a thing as using too much shampoo. To prevent product buildup on your roots, just use a dollop the size of a 5-peso coin. Short-haired gals can get away with much less.

2. DO NOT use shampoo on the entire length of your hair.

Shampoo was made to cleanse your *scalp* of dirt and impurities, not your actual hair strands! When you shampoo, apply the product directly onto your scalp, and make sure it covers your entire head, but there’s no need for you to deliberately spread it to the tips of your hair strands.

3. DO NOT use conditioner on your roots.

Now, if shampoo was made for your scalp, conditioner was made for the rest of your hair—particularly to nourish dried-out, lifeless tips. So don’t apply it to the roots of your hair—that can cause excessive oil buildup. Besides, you should only be applying conditioner where it matters (aka where it tangles).

4. DO NOT comb through tangles in the shower.

Your hair is already brittle enough while dry—when it’s wet, even more so! As tempting as it may be to step out of the shower with tangle-free hair, you should refrain from forcefully combing through stubborn tangles until your hair is fully dry. And even then, do so carefully, with a wide-toothed comb.

5. DO NOT use shampoo every single day.

Overwashing your hair can cause your scalp to dry out, as it prevents the production of natural oils from spreading down to your tips where oil is needed the most. Try to limit shampooing to every other day—you’re probably working from home anyway, so nobody’s going to notice!

Aside from your eyes, your hair is one of the last few features that can distinguish you in a crowd these days. It’s important to give it the utmost care, especially since hairfall is an issue for many this quarantine. Treat your hair right, and it’ll stay healthy and Belo Beautiful! 

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