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5 Lesser-Known Philippine Destinations to Bookmark for the Future

By Ysabel Vitangcol on January 30, 2021

If you ask us what’s on the top of our wishlist this year, it’s probably something related to travel—a luxury we took for granted before our norm changed drastically last year. Aside from missing the hustle and bustle of busy airports and enjoying the scenic routes of road trips, we can only fondly look back on the different cultural experiences and irreplaceable memories that goes hand-in-hand with traveling. So until we can start traveling easier (and more safely), keep in mind these lesser-known destinations for your future trips.

1.       Bacolod

Nestled in a corner of Negros Occidental, Bacolod is one of the Philippines’ hidden gems. It’s home to historical sites like the San Sebastian Cathedral and The Ruins. You can also find paradisal spots like Lakawon Island (where you can find Asia’s biggest floating bar) and the Mambukal Mountain Resort (a government-owned natural resort). It’s one of many reasons we consider it one of the top destinations to visit this year, should our circumstances improve in the future.

2.       Guimaras Island

With over 7,000 islands to our name, it’s inevitable that there would be some undiscovered destinations that are still unknown to most travelers. Guimaras Island is just one of many. A stone’s throw away from Bacolod, Guimaras’s secluded beaches (like those found on Ave Maria Island) feel like your own private resort. On land, hop on a tricycle so you can drop by the Guimaras Windmills to see the island’s source of renewable energy, or hike Balaan Bukid where people do their annual pilgrimage for the 14 stations of The Way of the Cross.

3.       Romblon Island

We’re also keeping an eye on Romblon, Boracay’s neighboring island. It has beautiful sandbars for sun worshippers, hiking trails for mountaineers, and hidden waterfalls for adventurers to discover. It’s a pretty package that not many people are aware of, but that’s what makes this tiny Visayan island so charming.

4.       Siquijor

Siquijor holds a lot of mystery for tourists, as it’s most infamous for its reputation as the country’s center of witchcraft and the supernatural. Whether that reputation is rightly earned, we don’t know. What we do know is that Siquijor has more to offer than rich folklore—it also has beautiful beaches like Paliton Beach and hidden treasures like Cantabon Cave.

5.       Batanes

Circling our way up north, Batanes is another underrated Philippine destination you need to put at the top of your bucket list. Taking a break from the numerous beaches and islands that our country is known for, Batanes boasts of idyllic hills and seaside cliffs that are described in novels. Also, can you imagine breathing in the clean, fresh air that wafts from the blue seas surrounding the island? It already sounds so good in our minds, so we can only expect that reality is even better.

We’re expecting social distancing to still be a part of our daily lives, so why not take the chance on discovering these lesser-known destinations for your first post-pandemic trip? You’ll not only enjoy gorgeous scenery but you might even get the chance to explore these spots all on your own. It’ll be your own personal paradise.

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