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5 Reasons to Ditch the Razor and Wax for the Laser Hair Removal

By Ysabel Vitangcol on July 20, 2018

“I love shaving or waxing my legs,” said no one ever! It’s because unwanted hair can really be frustrating to remove and even more so, the processes you have to go through are often times awful! Aside from the numerous nicks and cuts you can encounter from shaving and the unbearable painful experience of waxing, here are 5 reasons that would convince you to ditch the razor and wax and try GMax, the fastest dual wavelength laser hair removal treatment available!

  1. Shaving can cause skin darkening and irritation

    Regular shaving can cause damage to the skin, such as the underarms, due to friction. Whenever you shave, a thin layer of skin along with your hair gets removed—and that can cause problems if you have extremely sensitive skin. This can lead to skin darkening, chicken skin, and ingrown hairs. Yikes! With GMax’s powerful laser energy, the hair follicle is targeted, destroying it at its root while preserving the surrounding skin. The result? Permanent hair reduction is achieved.

  2. Laser hair removal is much cost-efficient

    Did you know that studies show that an average woman shaves 11,500 times in her lifetime? Laser treatment becomes a great investment when you think long term because it can cost you a lot lesser when you continue to spend for a lifetime of shaving or waxing! (Plus, razors are not eco-friendly because you have to dispose of blades and the razor itself regularly!). Why do all that when you can save and get a more permanent hair reduction in only 3 sessions with GMax?

  3. You save a lot of time

    Just imagine the amount of time you waste getting ready in the morning if part of your regular beauty routine includes shaving or waxing! You have to allot extra time in the day to shave or wax unwanted hair before you’re all set to go. Such a hassle, isn’t it?

  4. Smooth, hairless skin everyday!

    Shaving may appear to be a super easy way to remove unwanted hair, but actually your hair will grow faster, thicker, and coarser in the long run. Moreover, both shaving and waxing entails having to let your hair grow out, and then dealing with the awkward in-between hair growth stages. Not in the case when you undergo laser hair removal!

  5. Pain no more!

    Why go through the extreme pain of waxing if your hair just keeps coming back anyway? Here’s good news! GMax ensures you have a comfortable laser hair removal experience! It has a patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) which sprays cryogen on the upper layers of the skin before and after the laser pulse. What it does is it eliminates the risk of burns, compared to traditional laser treatments that require the use of clear gel. Don’t you just love this feature?

So, are you tired of doing the same old method and not getting the result you desire? Say goodbye to razors and waxing sessions forever and hello to hair-free body!

Call 819-BELO (2356) or send us a message for more information about GMax Laser Hair Removal treatment.

Note: You must still consult with one of our doctors for assessment. Number of sessions may vary per patient.

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