8 Scarred Areas to Apply Belo Tyrosinase Inhibitor Cream

8 Areas to Apply Belo Tyrosinase Inhibitor Cream

By Ysabel Vitangcol on September 11, 2023

Our Belo Prescriptives Tyrosinase Inhibitor 5% 10G Cream has gained popularity amongst our clients – it offers a promising solution for those looking to reduce hyperpigmentation and achieve a more even skin tone! We explore the key areas where you can apply it to address various skin concerns!

First things first .. how often should I apply this? And how soon can I see results?

Twice daily is recommended, according to Dr. Leah Aragon – Cabigan, Associate Physician of Belo TriNoma. “It depends on how skin will react to it. Sometimes, acne marks or mosquito bites will respond in just a week of using it. But deeper pigmentations such as melasma and hyper pigmented underarms may take months – it really depends on the skin condition!”

Where can I apply them?

Melasma-affected areas

Did you know that the face is also one of the first areas of concern when it comes to hyperpigmentation? From sun exposure, hormonal imbalance and aging, these contribute to uneven skin tone. Meanwhile, genetics, skin color types, and hormones are factors that contribute to melasma. It’s best to avoid direct sun exposure during peak hours. Apply a pea sized portion to affected areas before you wear your sunblock!

Hyperpigmented Keloid Scaras

Keloids occur when the body produces too much collagen, resulting in a thick, raised scar. Your Belo doctor can recommend a treatment that can help fade these. The Tyrosinase cream supports by helping speed it up.

Bikini Area

Pigmentation in this area is actually common. The causes vary – from rubbing of the skin, wearing tight clothing, hormonal imbalance, and even ageing! The Belo Illuminating System is designed to improve dark spots in these areas. Finish off your skincare routine by applying the Tyrosinase cream in your bikini area.


Dark underarms are often a big insecurity, and we totally get it! The likes of shaving, rubbing and scratching the delicate skin of your armpits are one of the frequent causes. The Armpit Perfecting Kit, which contains the Tyrosinase Inhibitor and the Illuminating Cream, has a combination of Kojic Acid, Vitamin C, Alpha Arbutin and Liquorice that lightens irritation and darkening-prone areas. Dr. Cabigan said she usually instructs her patients to apply this in the evening before bed since the Tyrosinase Inhibitor works best without other applied products such as deodorant!

Elbows and Knees

Did you know that patches of dark skin are the result of increased melanin? Constant friction of rubbing elbows on the table from using your gadgets, or kneeling, for example, are possible causes! Just make sure to wear clothing that will allow your skin to breathe comfortably. Since these are areas that can receive sun exposure, causing these to darken, make sure to cover these especially when you’re outdoors.

Pimple marks and dried insect-bitten areas.

Ensure that the bitten area is no longer swollen before you begin applying! Just like you do with your elbows and knees, remember to protect these areas when you’re outdoors. Sun or no sun, UV rays are still present! If you’re concerned about the sticky sensation of sunscreen, rest assured – the Belo Prescriptives Sunscreen Gel doesn’t leave any greasy feeling. It serves as an outstanding UV absorber that is most effective for individuals with normal to oily skin types

The Belo Prescriptives Tyrosinase Inhibitor can be a valuable addition to your skincare routine when used correctly on the right areas of your body. Whether you’re dealing with facial hyperpigmentation, age spots on your hands, or uneven skin tone on your legs, this cream can help you achieve a more balanced and radiant complexion!

The Belo Prescriptives Tyrosinase Inhibitor starts at ₱825.00 and can be purchased at the Belo Shop. Please note that prices may change without prior notice. Additionally, it’s still important to consult with your Belo doctor on the products that will best match your needs. Skincare is not a one size fits all, so a doctor will be able to properly assess the best ingredients and products for you based on your skin type and concerns!

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