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Glow Goal: Your 101 about LuminoVitaGlow

By Ysabel Vitangcol on March 2, 2020

Have you heard of the latest buzzword on the skincare block? It’s LuminoVitaGlow. The treatment is revolutionizing how you can take care of your skin, improve its natural complexion, and get that youthful glow that looks so good on everyone. Sounds good, right? Before you venture forth your nearest Belo Medical Group clinic, we’ve put together a brief on everything you need to know about LuminoVitaGlow. 

This way you won’t have any hesitations over it. You might just find that this is the one for you when it comes to your skincare goals. Knowing makes it faster for you to reach your desired look. Plus you’ll even get to be the one to personally explain it and recommend it to your glow-seeking friends. 

About LuminoVitaGlow 

LuminoVitaGlow is a signature treatment of the Belo Medical Group. This means they are the only dermatological clinic in the country that has perfected this service to the highest standard. This treatment isn’t found anywhere else, testifying to Belo’s mission to be at the forefront of skin. 

The treatment’s primary goal is to improve the appearance of the skin in an effective, pain-free, and non-invasive way. Dra. Victoria Belo explains it best: It’s the treatment celebrities get that’s why anywhere they go, it seems they have a spotlight on them. 

You see, skin at its best condition manages to reflect light. It has a natural highlighted look making it look fresh, dewy, and healthy. Good skin makes it seem like light is following you around. 

LuminoVitaGlow doesn’t alter the complexion of your skin. What you’re are naturally blessed with, the treatment improves. Hence, it is recommended for morenas, mestizas, and everyone in between. You’ll fall in love with your natural skin. 

Three-Step Approach

LuminoVitaGlow combines three treatments. Each of the three makes the other steps more effective. 

The first step is Time or Bright Peel. This uses a superficial Gluconolactone based peel. Unlike other peeling treatments, this smoothens and moisturizes the skin without causing photosensitivity. It contains Vitamins C & E-like anti-oxidant properties to help with rejuvenation and restoration. 

After this, there is the New Cellular Treatment Factor or NCTF. You’ll be amazed as this complex solution contains 49 vitamins, co-enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, and minerals. What do they do? They create the perfect cellular environment for optimum collagen production. 

You have two options when it comes to applying NCTF. For dry/sensitive skin, it is recommended that you opt for the Topical Massage. This means the treatment is applied directly to the skin via a 10-minute manual massage. 

On the other end, oily skin best benefits from the Scratch Technique. This is done via delivered using a microneedle pen, nappage, or intradermal injections which results in better penetration. 

The last step is LED Photorejuvenation. It rebalances and rejuvenates the skin via exposing it to Infrared light. The epidermis absorbs the light and triggers it to produce collagen proteins. 

After Your Treatment

LuminoVitaGlow is so good as there is no downtime. You can even apply makeup right after your session. You’ll immediately see radiant and hydrated skin immediately after. 

It is best to have continuous effects to do three treatments, two weeks apart. Afterwhich, you can do it every six months. 

Want your own personal spotlight via LuminoVitaGlow? Book an appointment now via 8819-BELO (2356) or click here!

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