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What are the Biggest Beauty Trends this Season

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 23, 2018

There’s always something exciting to watch out for—especially for us beauty junkies who are always up for a makeover or a product overhaul. Here are the beauty trends that Dr. Vicki Belo think are going to be big this season:

Beauty Trend #1: Flowers in skin care

“Flower essences are the way to go. Most of the new products now feature floral ingredients,” says Dr. Belo.“They’re rich in restorative and healing properties that make greatsubstitutes for chemical skin enhancers. One of my favorites is rose because it’s very hydrating, and it’s also detoxifying.”

Beauty Trend #2: Advanced delivery systems

“The skin has a very good barrier and acid mantle, so the ingredients usually don’t really get to the dermis or the epidermal dermal junction where they are needed. So the whole ‘in’ thing now is about delivery systems and getting the medicine deep into the skin so they can actually work,” explains Dr. Belo.“We have a new machine from Korea called the Belo Vita, and it’s wonderful in firming up and lifting the skin. It’s the combination of suction and tiny needles that deliver peptides and growth factors.”

Beauty Trend #3: Facials from within

“Normally, when you do facials, you massage creams all over the face. But you can actually reach the facial muscles from inside the mouth, and you can stimulate the contraction and shortening of the facial muscles,” says Dr. Belo. “As we age, it’s not only the skin that starts to sag. The muscles also thin out and become longer, giving you a haggard, tired look. With the new Intra-Oral Facial Massage, muscle contraction is stimulated, decreasing tension caused by repeated facial expressions. By massaging from inside the oral cavity, you relax the face and you look a lot younger.”

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