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Because You’re Bored, Here Are 5 Wild Hair Colors To Try This Month

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 3, 2021

Already tired of the same hair colour you’ve been sporting this entire quarantine? Completely understandable. Changing your hair colour helps relieve stress, boosts confidence, and amplifies your self-image, according to this 2017 study. These are three things we all need right now, as we soldier through this seemingly never-ending quarantine. If you find yourself craving to experiment with bolder hairstyles, here are five wild hair colors you should try this month.

Ash gray

Belo Baby Sue Dodd is familiar with changing up your hair colour. She’s gone from brunette to blonde to brunette several times over. One of our all-time favourite hair colours was her ash gray ‘do, revamping the negative connotations of graying hair to that of young and chic energy. To achieve the same look, however, we’d recommend booking an appointment with a trusted colorist. This colour needs some bleaching and expert application to achieve the right tone specifically for you.

Two-toned hair

If you want to go wild with your hair color, why not sport two at one time? Take a cue from BLACKPINK’s Lisa Manoban who had dark black tresses with a bit of bleached blonde peeking from underneath. This hair color can also be styled in fun ways like a half ponytail or space buns like Lisa’s. While we don’t recommend bleaching your hair at home, you can DIY it with other colors like pink, red, or even yellow if you really want to channel your inner Lisa.


Another celeb who isn’t scared to change it up is none other than Kylie Jenner. The youngest Kardashian sib’s iconic Met 2019 look stood out with its purple monochrome look. While this lilac purple crown was really a wig IRL, you can achieve this with a not-so-quick visit to the hair salon. Just bring some things to entertain yourself as you go through the various bleaching and coloring stages to achieve the perfect shade you want.

Neon green

She may have already switched to blonde, but Billie Eilish’s signature neon green roots will always be one of her most iconic looks. The contrast of her black tresses and the bright highlighter green colour has a bold and fresh vibe. It’s something to consider if you want to channel that youthfulness. Don’t feel constrained though—you can always choose a darker green hue or change the placement of the hair dye. It’s all up to you!

Muted blue

Really feeling the blues, lately? Follow K-pop soloist IU—whom you may know from the 2019 K-drama Hotel del Luna—who sported a muted blue ‘do last year. Blue is a really wild color, but with the right tone, it can complement you perfectly. Consult with your hair colorist if a cool or warm blue hue fits your skin tone better, to make it really pop with life.

Which wild hair color will we be seeing on you soon? Tag us @belobeauty on Instagram or @belo_beauty on TikTok!

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