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Belo Welcomes Its New Muses Jess Wilson, Rei Germar, LA Aguinaldo, and Siobhan Moylan

Artists come in many forms—each bearing their own specialties and drawing from varied sources of inspiration. After our successful launch of Anne Curtis-Smith as a multimedia artist who has met her match in the Renova Powerfacial, we introduce the other members of the artist collective who join her alongside our #YourBeautyIsYourArt campaign: Jess Wilson for Belo Emsculpt NEO, Rei Germar for Belo Virtue RF, LA Aguinaldo for Belo Advalight, and Siobhan Moylan for Splendor X.

For 32 years—and especially in its formative first decade—Belo has paved the way for countless aesthetic innovations in the Philippines. Dr. Vicki Belo was the very first to bring Botox, lasers, and tumescent liposuction to the country, and we continue this tradition of bravely blazing beauty trails with treatments like Renova, Emsculpt NEO, Virtue RF, and Splendor X.

Jess Wilson

Jess Wilson: “There is no one way to define beauty and art.”

For wildly successful girlboss Jess Wilson, beauty and art are two interweaving concepts. “Both are so subjective, and both are so personal to you. You can find beauty in anything,” the Sunnies Face co-founder says. Jess was recently wed in a beautiful ceremony in Austria, so she more than anyone knows the importance of prepping not only your skin, but also your body, on your big day. 

Like a skilled sculptor that is able to enhance and bring out a body’s natural features, Belo Emsculpt NEO is the only non-invasive technology that uses radiofrequency and HIFEM+ energies that help eliminate fat and build muscle.

Rei Germar: “Growing up, I was trying to make myself fit in one box, but then in reality, there’s no such thing as one box.”

Content creator Rei Germar has found great success with sharing her life with her followers online (with 1.5 million on YouTube alone), so she’s all too familiar with the pressure that comes with a discerning audience. Over time, she’s learned to listen to her inner voice and create content that is genuine and relatable. “My audience helped me realize [I should] embrace who I truly am and not conform to how other people define beauty,” Rei shared. This delicate balance is reminiscent of an architect that translates a coherent design language without compromising structural integrity. That is why Rei represents Belo Virtue RF, which combines the best qualities of radiofrequency and microneedling to reduce skin laxity and dramatically improve skin quality. 

Rei Germar
LA Aguinaldo

LA Aguinaldo: “Art becomes beauty because it showcases the wonders of being human.”

LA Aguinaldo has been in the modeling industry for some time, but in the past two years he’s truly found his stride, working with international designers and collaborating with global icons. He injects a refreshingly positive spin into the importance of beauty: “If you feel good, you look good. And if you look good, you do good. And if you do good, every single day, you just win.”

Working in front of the camera has taught LA how to find his light and highlight his best features, using the element to his advantage in the spirit of a veteran photographer. Belo Advalight does the same thing—it is the world’s first solid-state yellow laser, and it targets active acne, the oiliness that causes it, and the scars it leaves behind. 

Siobhan Moylan: “Art becomes beauty because it showcases the wonders of being human.”

Filipino-Irish international model Siobhan Moylan understands the essentiality of being comfortable in your own skin. “I’ve learned to be a lot more confident in my own beauty. Working with makeup artists around the world, the beauty trend now is that there’s a huge emphasis on being natural,” she shared. “Your skin is your base. If you look healthy without makeup, and your skin is amazing and glowing, then you’ll always look good, even [when] you’re not wearing makeup.”

Siobhan’s dynamic nature reminds us of a performer’s—one who takes the stage and uses her many skills to convey fundamental human emotion. This return to form and return to the basics is just like Belo Splendor X, which zaps unwanted hair and evens out skin tone for beautiful and silky-smooth skin.

Siobhan Moylan

Our four new muses joined Anne Curtis, Dr. Vicki Belo, Dr. Hayden Kho, and the rest of the Belo Family last September 9 at Whitespace Manila to officially launch their #YourBeautyIsYourArt campaign. “Belo gets better each and every year, and I’m so happy that I’m part of this big celebration,” gushed Jess. “Nothing feels better than being a part of a family you truly, truly believe in,” said Rei, who cites Belo as a major key in boosting her confidence during her teenage years. “I’ve actually been going to Belo for years now, and I can finally say ‘I am one of the newest Belo Babies!’” said an excited LA. 

“Belo has broken so many boundaries in the beauty industry in the Philippines,” Siobhan concluded, citing Belo’s status as an industry pioneer. “They were huge disruptors in the industry, and they really paved the way for beauty in the Philippines by showing Filipinos in a really sexy and confident and empowering light. They were really the first to do that. So, it’s such an honor to be part of a group that has those values.”

We are excited to show you what else is in store for this groundbreaking campaign. Follow us on Instagram @belobeauty for the latest updates!

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