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You Won’t Believe Her Belo Transformation

By Ysabel Vitangcol on September 22, 2018

The Belo Medical Group (BMG) is one of the most trusted clinics for beauty transformations—especially in the Philippines. Even the hottest local celebrities—like Anne Curtis and Piolo Pascual—head here because of their well-trained and experienced doctors, top-of-the-line machines, and established name. “Since we have access to the best machines and resources, we are able to deliver the best results to our patients,” shares Dr. Mina Cesa, a managing physician at the Belo Medical Group.

S maison clinic in the philippines
The Belo clinic at S Maison Conrad is one of their 5 surgical centers. In the Philippines, the Belo Medical Group is the only medical-aesthetic clinic accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) International.

While BMG’s celeb clientele always generate buzz, one noteworthy Belo transformation is with loyal patient Cheryl Prudente. Ever since she became a patient in 2015, she began consulting with the Belo doctors about how she can transform into her most beautiful self. The best part? Cheryl’s Belo Transformation not only changed the way she looked, but it also changed the way she saw her life. “I’m so happy with my life now because of this [transformation],” shares Cheryl. “I really chose to save and invest in this. Iba ’yung joy na nadadala ng pagpapaganda sa isang tao.”

Cheryl Prudente Before and After
“Since it was my first time to undergo these kinds of procedures, I wanted to go to the best,” reveals Cheryl. “And now, people can’t believe I’m 39!”

Cheryl’s transformation process may seem extreme when you compare the Before & After photos, but it was a gradual one—done under the guidance of the best doctors over the course of 3 years. “The first procedure that I did was Botox Masseter to make my jawline smaller,” reveals Cheryl. “I did Belo Thermage about a month after and that’s when I feel like my face was at its best. It became lifted, glowing, and my skin became clearer. My cheeks became pinkish, too!” To help maintain her glowing skin, erase uneven pigmentation, and help lighten dark circles, Cheryl also does the Angel Whitening Laser treatment regularly.

Cheryl Prudente and Dr. Vicky Belo
One of Cheryl’s patient highlights: Getting to meet founder Dr. Vicki Belo herself!

Dr. Cesa revealed that Cheryl also underwent a few surgical procedures: 360 Degrees Liposuction for her arms, tummy, and thighs to sculpt her body, blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery, and rhinoplasty (more commonly known as a nose job). “At first, my mom got really mad at me and said that I should be content with what I was given,” shares Cheryl. “But I think she’s changed her mind since she also likes getting treatments. When she saw that I became happier, my mom became happy, too.”

Cheryl Prudente afterMore and more women aren’t ashamed to reveal that they’ve had cosmetic procedures done nowadays—especially when the results are this gorgeous.

When it comes to each patient’s own #BeloTransformation, Dr. Cesa advises patients to be open-minded and accepting during consultations and before getting their treatments done. “When they come here and consult for whatever their [cosmetic] concerns are, they also [have to be] open to suggestions and trust the doctor.” Dr. Cesa also adds that beauty transformations are a continuous process. Once you’ve done your treatments—especially the non-surgical ones—maintenance is very important. “Aging is a continuous process,” says Dr. Cesa. Since not all the results from cosmetic procedures are permanent, maintaining the beauty look you’ve worked hard to achieve is also crucial.

Want to schedule a consultation about your #BeloTransformation? call 819-BELO (2356). or email to book an appointment.

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