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Meet One of the Most Sought After Surgeons, Dr. Eduardo Yap

By Ysabel Vitangcol on July 31, 2018

Ask who to go for a nip-and-tuck in the Philippines and a certain Dr. Eduardo Yap may be mentioned. Dr. Yap, who has been practicing since 1985, is a recognized expert on rhinoplasty and is famous for his Yap Procedure.

Dr. Yap is currently Belo Medical Group’s resident EENT Facial Plastic Surgeon and also practices at Metropolitan Medical Center in Binondo, Manila. He graduated with a degree from the Doctor of Medicine in University of Sto. Tomas in 1979, and his expertise are in disease areas that include Facial Plastic Surgery.

While Dr. Yap performs a range of surgery procedures including Nasal Endoscopy, Surgery for Snoring, Reconstructive Middle Ear Surgery, and Congenital Ear Problem Treatment, he has a soft spot for rhinoplasty.

What is Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, better known as “nose job,” is one of the most popular procedures people ask for. With a clear artistic vision plus an exceptional surgical skill, Dr. Yap quotes that “A good rhinoplasty brings out the beauty of the eyes” and adds, “the nose occupies the center of the face, and usually, fixing the nose brings harmony to the whole face.”But aside from vanity reasons, Dr. Yap shares that getting a nose job has benefits on your body, too, as he explains it can “improve one’s nasal breathing though correction of deviated septum.”

Dr. Yap performs two of the most common aesthetic rhinoplasty: Augmentation rhinoplasty and reduction rhinoplasty. But in some cases, there are other pathologic indications such as deviated nose, deviated septum, saddle nose, and old fractures.

The Yap Procedure

His innovation and eye for perfection, plus his education from Doctor of Medicine in University of Sto. Tomas, led him to the conceptualization of what many know as the “Yap Procedure,” in which, he says, his technique in rhinoplasty is somehow structural and framework in approach. What makes his technique different from the others is that he usually operates “from the septum as foundation of the tip. My rhinoplasty technique involves re-structuring the cartilages for tip projection. Most noses need soft tissue contouring, too, to improve the tip and Alarplasty. This technique has longevity in results.”

The process begins with a consultation, wherein both parties—the doctor and the patient—discuss about the improvement of the concerned area. In some cases, patients get rejected, too, “when the medical condition does not meet the normal/standard” or “when [the] patient has so much multiple procedures already and the post operation result may not be better.”

After which, Dr. Yap performs the surgery for about 2.5-3 hours, or 4-5 hours for the reconstruction using rib cartilage, while the patient is sedated with IV anesthesia. Dr. Yap also warns that just like any other surgery, “there is risk of bleeding and other cardiovascular incident that is why a pre surgical laboratory work up and a medical assessment are routinely requested.”

After surgery is done, the patient is advised to rest at home for about 2-3 days, and take prescribed medicine for about a week. After a week, a post-consultation with Dr. Yap is instructed to remove the cast and sutures. In about 6-8 weeks, your nose is presentable, but complete healing may take up to 12 months.

The Yap Experience

Having professional experience for over 28 years now, it is no wonder why his clients—celebrities included—come off enthusiastic when talking about him. For him, patient satisfaction is what fueled his passion for plastic surgery ever since his residency training years.

“My interest and passion is mainly nasal plastic surgery. The techniques that I use here are quite different from the majority, [as] I am meticulous in all aspects of surgery. I [make] sure that results are good,” he says when asked about his expertise. He also adds that after the procedure, “self-confidence is boosted, and the three aspects in one’s life improve: Personality, career and love life.”

The Belo Service

Being with Belo for about 20 years now, Dr. Yap attests that Belo offers excellent quality care and specialized equipment, and is constantly learning of new technologies. That’s why as of this date, Belo already has five surgical centers in the country (namely in Alabang, Greenhills, S Maison, Medical Plaza Makati, and Tomas Morato) where you can have your treatments and surgeries done, including rhinoplasty and alarplasty.

With Belo’s set of trained and certified doctors, including Dr. Yap, you know you’re in good hands. “It’s an honor. As a service provider of the health care, I know I can give the best results,” Dr. Yap shares as he talks about being part of Belo Medical Group.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Eduardo Yap, call 819-BELO (2356) or via email at info@belomed.com.

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