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Dry Skin? This P500 Soap Is A Must-Have

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 12, 2020

If you constantly find your skin feeling dry and tight, despite being strict about taking good care of your skin, then maybe it’s time to change something in your skincare routine. Perhaps you’re using a product that’s not appropriate for your skin type. Note: this could lead to more skin problems in the future. You can start by switching to another cleanser, one that’s gentle but effective in getting rid of the dirt and debris from the skin surface and pores.

Cue in the Belo Prescriptives TOG (Tincture of Green) Soap, a gentle and moisturizing facial soap formulated especially for folks with dry and sensitive skin. And at only P500 at The Belo Shop, it’s certainly a steal and a must-have! Ahead, we break down its ingredients that make it the ultimate dry skin savior.

1. It’s a gentle cleanser.

Cleansing is a staple in a basic skincare routine. But when it comes to choosing one,  your cleanser should always be gentle and non-stripping. Luckily, the Belo Prescriptives TOG Soap is here to be your skin savior. This facial soap is made with stearic acid, a natural cleansing agent, that lifts away impurities from your skin.

2. It also leaves the skin feeling moisturized.

Our CEO and founder Dr. Vicki Belo is an avid believer of skipping moisturizer altogether, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find other skincare products with hydrating ingredients. Stearic acid is also an emollient, a fatty acid that fills in the cracks on a dry and dehydrated skin surface. It also has vegetable oil, which is known to contain phytochemicals and nutrients that help moisturize, protect and strengthen your skin.

3. It can help protect your skin from further damage.

TOG Soap also has glycerine, an ingredient that when used in skincare is capable of hydrating the outer layer of the skin, protecting it against skin irritants, and speeding up wound-healing according to a 2008 study. Meanwhile, a 2016 study considers this ingredient as “the most effective humectant”—meaning it draws in water from the outermost layer of the skin and pulls it deep into the deeper skin layers, therefore hydrating the skin from within.

4. It’s made with purified water.

Did you know that the tap water you use to rinse your face can be too harsh and damaging for your skin? No worries, Belo solves that problem and takes the skin-loving goodness even further by formulating the TOG Soap with purified water (an ingredient also found in micellar water) so it’s free of chemicals and other impurities that can harm your skin.

5. It’s hypoallergenic.

Unless you have a specific allergy to any of the ingredients we mentioned above, this budget facial soap can be used by anyone with any skin type—but most especially by those with dry skin.

Click here to purchase the Belo Prescriptives TOG Soap.

Still not convinced? For the best results, you can book an online consultation with a Belo branch doctor here. Want to know what else Dr. Belo would recommend for your dry skin problems? You can find out by clicking here.

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