Here’s How to Be a Part of our 9.9 SECRET SALE!

By Belo Medical Group on September 7, 2020

During our wildly successful 8.8 celebration, some of you guys were wondering when we would have our next special treat. 8.8 was a time for our most sought-after treatments to shine. But as the quarantine period extends, we want to give you guys another way to stay beautiful, even while you’re at home. And that’s why we’re holding a 9.9 secret sale! 

You might be wondering: what’s going to be on sale? For how long? Do I need a promo code? Well, you’ll get all the details by ~*vibing*~ with us on our Viber Community!

We established our Viber community last May 29 to give you guys another way to get first dibs on our latest announcements. Whether it’s news on sales, upcoming giveaways, or snippets of our most sought-after treatments, our Viber community is the place to go for bite-sized Belo updates! And because we want to welcome more people to the community, the full details of our top-secret 9.9 sale will exclusively be released there! 

All you have to do now is join the Belo Beauty Viber Community. Tomorrow (September 8, 2020), we’ll be releasing an exclusive 9.9 promo code that you’ll only see if you join us on Viber. So click here to Vibe with us now, or manually type on your browser to get the link! We’ll see you online on 9.9…happy shopping!

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