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Here’s How to Mix Serum with Your Foundation

By Ysabel Vitangcol on December 26, 2020

While it’s highly unlikely you’ve picked up a bottle of foundation more than three times this year, it is the holiday season. That means you’ll find yourself needing to doll up for a virtual Christmas party (or five). To help you achieve a glam look without feeling like you’ve piled on a heavy layer on your face, here are a few tips for mixing some serum into your foundation!

Dr. Vicki Belo loves serum. In fact, she recommends that you replace moisturizer with a serum that suits your skin needs, because the latter does more than just sit on your skin providing faux moisture. Here’s how to mix it into your makeup routine effortlessly.

  1. Choose a serum with a base that mixes well with your foundation type.

There are water-based serums, and then there are oil-based serums. Oil-based ones might not go well with thicker, creamier foundations, for example. Try and choose a foundation type that is easily blendable (avoid powder- or cake-based types).

  1. Gently mix the concoction before applying it to your face.

Mixing serum and foundation is different from applying serum, then putting on foundation. By pre-mixing the two, you give yourself a more watery, nourishing formula that’s easier to work with and feels more luxurious on the skin. It also adds a touch of skincare to your routine, as opposed to using a regular primer.

  1. Be sure to set with a light finishing powder.

A loose and light powder is best for finishing off your healthy, no-makeup-makeup look. Pressed powders can be hard to work with (and just might end up making your pores more visible). Use clean fingers or a soft brush to gently dab the powder onto your skin, especially where you get oily, and voila! Add your chosen finishing touches—liquid eyeshadow, lip and cheek tint—and you’re ready to turn on your camera.

Have a happy holiday season, Belo Beauties! Skincare first before makeup, always!

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