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How to Look AMAZING in a Face Mask, According to Catriona Gray

By Ysabel Vitangcol on December 26, 2020

The global health crisis has definitely changed how we go about our daily lives. From being able to go about freely whenever and wherever we please, meeting up with people when we feel like it, nowadays we have to significantly limit our time away from our homes. 

The use of face masks, in particular, have become ingrained in our minds as a way to help protect ourselves from COVID-19. Not only do these prevent ourselves from possibly contracting the virus, but it also protects others should we be carrying the disease.

Former Miss Universe, model, singer, and children’s education advocate Catriona Gray knows all too well just how important face masks are. She also knows how to use these as a stylish accent to her outfits, which makes her the perfect ambassador of BelofEYE. Aside from highlighting Belo’s best and brightest eye rejuvenation treatments, the campaign also donates proceeds of BelofEYE Mask purchases to Catriona’s chosen charity, Young Focus PH

This 2020, we’ve seen her sporting many kinds of face masks, each one unique and with a distinct character. How can we look amazing even with half of our face covered up? Let’s take a page out of Catriona’s book, shall we?

1. Keep it simple.  

The simpler you keep a face mask, the more it gives off an air of elegance. Go for basic and neutral colors so you can pair it with any ensemble. Simple doesn’t mean you have to keep it plain and drab, of course. It just means you’re choosing to not make it too loud. Take, for instance, this black face mask with a brocade-like detail.

2. Spark Pinoy pride.

Whenever you have the chance, try injecting Filipino-made textiles into your face masks. Not only will you be shining a light on these beautifully woven fabrics, you’re also helping support the tribal communities which bring them to life.

3. Switch on the glam.

We’ve mentioned keeping it simple, but sometimes, it’s totally okay to hike the glam factor up a notch. If you’re attending an important event, you can throw one on with an intricate design and metallic embellishments, even.

4. Go matchy-matchy.

If you’re going for a cohesive look, then coordinated pieces are key. Pair a statement top with a mask in a matching fabric and in a complementary color to draw people’s eyes to your look.

5. Let your eyes do the talking.

While masks can surely attract attention, these also draw eyes to your peepers. Use the opportunity to play around with eye makeup. Maybe do a smokey eye, experiment with vibrant shades that match those on your face mask, or line your eyes with shimmery colors. Make sure to be gentle on your eyes as you apply makeup, since the skin around the eye area is thin and pretty sensitive. 

With creativity, a sense of playfulness, and confidence, you can also make face masks into a one-of-a-kind statement piece fit for any occasion. Have fun! Thanks, Cat, for the tips! 

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