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How to Pose with Your Pets, According to Jennylyn Mercado

By Ysabel Vitangcol on January 19, 2021

It’s no contest that our pets are effortlessly cute whatever they do, but getting them to pose with us for a quick snapshot can be quite challenging. Instead of forcing pets to do unnatural poses just for the ‘gram, let’s pick up some lessons from Belo Baby and proud fur-momma of more than a dozen cats and dogs, Jennylyn Mercado, on how to show off our fur-babies and maximize their cuteness.

  1. Keep it casual.

It doesn’t have to be an extremely elaborate set-up—our pets won’t know the difference anyway. It’s best to keep it simple so the focus stays on your pet and you. A relaxed photo from home is always a good idea. It’s also a great way to show your followers how you interact with your babies at home. 

  1. Get up close and personal.

Admit it: You love snuggling with your babies, anyway. Why not document it by taking a quick photo of you snuggling your pets. It’s also quite hilarious-slash-adorable when you capture your dog or cat’s reaction when you get in their personal space. 

  1. Show them some love.

Speaking of getting up close and personal, getting special kisses and hugs from your furry besties is always a winner. Showing them love can also mean scratching their favorite spot, giving them their favorite toy, and the fool-proof bribe of a treat. 

  1. Go for a wide angle.

If, like Jen, you’ve got a bunch of pets, a wide angle will always be the best way to capture as many of them as possible. Depending on your aesthetic, you can also choose this technique for one pet or subject in order to use negative space to your advantage, especially if you use the portrait mode on your camera (dramatic blurred background with the subject in full focus). 

  1. Have fun! Lots of it!

Just like real-life couple Jen with Dennis Trillo, don’t forget to have fun when taking photos with your pets. Don’t be afraid to put your fur-baby in costumes, too! It’s always a crowd pleaser. Just make sure you take your pet’s comfort and safety into account when choosing a fun look. 

In the end, no matter which pose you choose to go for, your pets will love you for it, because they’ll only see it as more quality time with their favorite human. 

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