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ICYMI: Dr. Belo on FB Live with Camille Co and David Guison

By Ysabel Vitangcol on July 10, 2020

Last Wednesday evening, content creators Camille Co and David Guison—known to their fans as the friend duo #CaVid—logged on for a Facebook Live session with our founder and CEO, Dr. Vicki Belo. The umbrella theme for the night was Belo’s newest wonder treatment, Belo Skin Genius, as well as the powerful products from The Belo Shop that worked for each of them. In case you missed the discussion, we’ve got the highlights right here.


1. Belo Skin Genius harnesses the power of both radiofrequency and insulated microneedling.

“You’ve all heard of Thermage and Ulthera. These are the older ways of rejuvenating the skin. One uses HIFU (Ulthera), and one uses radiofrequency (Thermage). Genius also uses the same energy, radiofrequency. But the delivery system is microneedles that go into the skin,” Dr. Belo explains. “With HIFU, it’s ultrasonic waves that enter the skin, but pixelated. [With Skin Genius], there’s space in between. Importante ‘yun, dahil the healing is much faster.”

Dr. Belo also sings praises for Skin Genius’ Real-Time Impedance Monitoring (RTIM), which allows it to deliver energy precisely. “It’s very precise. When [the skin is thinner], it delivers the energy straight into the skin, and it calculates how much energy to deliver.”

2. You lose collagen as you age, so the importance of collagen production only increases as you grow older.

You lose 1 percent of collagen for every year you’re alive,” warns Dr. Belo, who asks David and Camille for their ages then calculates how much collagen they have left. Your age range will determine how often you’ll need to undergo Skin Genius. “With the Skin Genius, you add collagen, so maybe you’ll add 15%,” she says to David. “But if you’re already 40, you’ll only have 60% of collagen left. Halatang-halata na ‘yan. In that case, your collagen gets destroyed faster, so you have to do Skin Genius every six months.”

3. Camille and David use ZO® and Belo Prescriptives products from The Belo Shop in their at-home skincare routine.

Of course, the results of Skin Genius are best maintained with consistent at-home care. Camille had a major breakout over the ECQ period, and while our clinics weren’t open yet, she turned to the expert advice of Dr. Belo and products from the Belo Shop (watch her YouTube video above to see her full acne program!). Now, months later (and after a Skin Genius session, ofc), she’s enjoying her best skin ever. “I haven’t had any breakouts [since]. My spots are gone from my ECQ breakouts. And I’m using the ZO® Exfoliating Cleanser, ZO® Oil Control Pads, ZO® Brightalive, and ZO® Exfoliation Accelerator,” Camille shares.

Meanwhile, David’s main concern was excessive oiliness, so he underwent Skin Genius last January to combat the sitch. He also noticed visibly lifted and contoured skin. David uses the ZO® Oil Control Pads, Belo Prescriptives Pore Minimizer, and ZO® Dual Action Scrub to maintain the results of his Skin Genius treatment.

4. Maskne, or acne mechanica, is real—but don’t worry, there’s a solution.


Many mask-wearers, especially those who have to wear them for extended periods of time (salute to our medical frontliners!) often suffer from ‘acne mechanica,’ or what is more casually referred to as “maskne.” Dr. Belo knows how uncomfortable masks can be, but she’s offered up a few solutions to minimize mask-related breakouts. 

“Wash your hands often, so that when you touch your face, it’s not dirty. And worst of all, our mouth is one of the dirtiest parts of our body. Before, when we talk, pumupunta [yung droplets] sa labas. Pero ngayon, nagba-bounce back siya. And it bounces around the area where our mask covers, so that’s why we’re breaking out.”

Here are Dr. Belo’s tips for combatting maskne:

  • As much as possible, do not reuse your disposable surgical masks. They are designed for one-time use. Consider washable cloth masks as an option, but be sure to get the kind with a pocket for a filter.
  • When you get home, clean your hands and face immediately. 
  • To stop the skin from getting irritated, you can use Belo Prescriptives Acne Astringent
  • Acne Drying Cream can be used on already existing pimples
  • Dr. Belo’s personal technique: When you feel a pimple coming on, you can apply the ZO® Exfoliation Accelerator to try and thwart the pimple from appearing. 

5. Running can cause your skin to sag, so if you’re concerned about that, consider other alternatives.

During a health crisis, the state of your body becomes more important than ever. That’s why regular workouts are important—but some workouts will yield more negative effects on your skin laxity than others. “The one that causes sagging of the skin is running. So I really prefer non-impact exercises,” Dr. Belo prescribes. According to her, fat around the face has a way of making some look younger (and alternately, fat loss causing them to look gaunt). Every time you hit the pavement or do a session on the treadmill, the bounces cause your skin to sag. “Mas maganda, mag-cycling. It’s really good and less impactful on your knees [and better for your face].”

Finally, Dr. Belo, Camille, and David picked seven lucky winners to take home some prizes from #TheBeloShop before all three signed off. We only had an hour and a half with the trio, but our viewers sure learned a lot. To see their full conversation, click here. And to never miss a Facebook Live session again, be sure to follow us on our Facebook account!

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