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ICYMI: Dr. Belo with Grace Lee and Ryan Bang

By Ysabel Vitangcol on July 28, 2020

After a weeklong hiatus, Dr. Belo was finally back for her usual FB Live sessions! Yesterday’s combo featured radio DJ and entrepreneur Grace Lee, as well as our much-awaited #MysteryOppa who turned out to be none other than Showtime co-host and comedian, Ryan Bang!


They had a nearly two-hour conversation that centered around everything K-related: Korean beauty, culture, TV and movies, and so much more. If you missed that (or you’d prefer to get just the highlights), see below!

1. Ryan’s skin improved so much from Belo treatments that he no longer wears makeup…and found a girlfriend!

When Dr. Belo asked how Ryan was doing, he cheerfully recalled a promise she made to him long ago. “Ang gusto kong [pasalamatan] sa love live, walang iba kundi syempre, si God. Pagkatapos ng God, syempre, yung promise niyo po sa akin: ‘Ryan, ‘pag Belo Baby ka na, may girlfriend ka na.’ Natupad! Maraming salamat! Walang iba…magic, tingnan niyo mukha ko. Doc, wala po akong makeup ngayon!” Ryan was also thrilled to report that he was sporting a no-makeup look: “Naalala niyo po dati, Doc, kahit anong event…nakamakeup po ako. Ngayon, kahit gusto nila ako mag-makeup, hindi ako nagma-makeup. Iba talaga.” See? Belo works wonders for men, too!

2. Dr. Hayden lived his oppa dreams for a hot minute when he modeled in South Korea back in college.

“I did!” he responded when chided by Dr. Belo. “When I was in college papuntang med school. I worked as a model. So every vacation time during med school and MedTech, I would go to Korea to model. Sumideline ako ng konti,” Doc Hayden shared.

3. Grace Lee explained why the Korean Wave is making such a big impact in the Philippines.

“Alam ko, I think this is a long time brewing, meaning it didn’t happen overnight,” Lee began. “15 years ago pa lang, pinapanood na natin ang Korean dramas, but they were far and in between. Not like now: there’s so much Korean content that’s being consumed by the international market. First is the production value. There’s a lot of money spent on making sure that everything is polished. Second, of course, is the storyline. The packaging is there, then add on to there all these beautiful actresses and actors.” Grace then talks about the success of the K-drama series Crash Landing on You, citing its strong storyline and beautiful cast. “I think K-wave is going to continue and become stronger in the years to come.”

Grace also delves on the rigorous training system that aspiring idols and actors go through to become famous in Korea. “If you look at Korean stars, when they come out, they’re well-packaged. It’s all there: beauty, talent, head-to-toe ‘yan…there’s always a system in place to train them into a finished product when you see them on TV. That’s why when you see them, they’re already so good na.”

Ryan credits the Koreans’ penchant for distilling stories into short 12- or 16-episode runs to preserve the quality of their productions. And this is true: the wildly popular Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, and Itaewon Class only have 16 episodes under their belt. “Nakakabitin po, kasi yung isang teleserye, kahit gaano ka-sikat, labing-apat, labing-anim lang yung episode. So nakakabitin, tsaka pwede silang maglaro sa storya, kasi 16 episode lang ang labas. Kaya mas nakakakilig,” Ryan explained.

4. Ryan and Grace explain the culture of beauty in Korea and how it differs from the Philippines.

Seoul has the highest rate of cosmetic surgeries in the world, with almost a million procedures done yearly. It’s been dubbed as the plastic surgery capital of the world, so they’re no stranger to enhancing their natural beauty. “Even if nagpagawa ka, as long as the product is beautiful, they don’t mind,” Grace explains. 

Adds Ryan, “Sa Korea, mga tatay, lola, lolo, mga nanay, lahat kami in beauty. Yung iba kasi na tatay [dito], nahihiya. Sa Korea, normal lang po ‘yun na mga lolo nagpa-tattoo sila ng kilay, pupunta sa clinic. Hindi kami naiilang. Normal lang ‘yun.” Because the pursuit of beauty is so ingrained in their culture, people of all ages and genders aren’t ashamed to get beauty treatments done.

5. You can achieve that highly-coveted Korean glass skin without leaving your house.

As we know, it was Korea that created the “glass skin” trend, causing women all over the world to strive for naturally dewy, hydrated skin. If you’re game to head to one of our clinics, our ultra-hydrating Glass Skin Facial is the best place to start. It’s a serum infusion facial treatment that will leave your skin supple and hydrated. But if you’re far from a clinic right now, you can always get the Belo-It-Yourself Hydrating Facial Kit from the Belo Shop

It starts off with an exfoliating cleanser to strip away impurities, then oil control pads to regulate oil production and prep the skin for the next step: a hyaluronic acid mask. “Oiliness is next to ugliness, right? But we want water. Pag nakita niyo yung mga bata, ang ganda ng skin nila. Hindi sila oily. Marami silang water sa mukha. So yung hyaluronic acid, may mask na from Paris that soaks your face in hyaluronic acid. This then absorbs 1000x its weight in water, so sobrang hydrated yung face.” 

But why does hyaluronic acid give us that glow? “Kaya ka nagkakaglow is because pinupuno natin ng hyaluronic acid ‘yung skin. Now, if you shine light on a dark surface, inaabsorb ng dark ‘yung light. Pero ‘pag white, nirereflect yung light. The hyaluronic acid is a water molecule that acts like a mirror. So ‘pag pinuno mo yung skin mo ng hyaluronic acid, ‘pag tumama yung light, nagba-bounce ‘yung light. Kaya nagkakaroon ng glow,” Doc Hayden explains.

Shop the Belo-It-Yourself Hydrating Facial Kit here.

Dr. Belo also played a couple of games with Ryan and Grace while viewers played along at home. She was shown before-and-after pictures of Korean celebs and made to guess which procedures they may have had done. We also showed the audience censored photos of popular oppas, and the first viewer to guess the name correctly would win prizes from us! That’s why you should never miss a Belo Live.

Once again, stay tuned on our social media channels for announcements of our next live sessions, and head to our YouTube channel to binge-watch Lives we’ve held before. See you at the next one!

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