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How Janine Gutierrez Gets Her Morena Skin To Glow

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 11, 2018

This Belo beach babe reveals her summer beauty secrets—and how she gets her skin (and body!) to glow.

A quick scroll through Janine Gutierrez’s Instagram feed and you can easily assume that this actress loves the beach and the summer season. Despite her packed schedule, it seems like the morena beauty always manages to squeeze in a quick trip to see the seas whenever she can.

Janine Gutierrez morena beauty

“Batangas, Zambales, Palawan, Siargao—I’ll really go in the summer if there’s time,” Janine reveals.

As a full-fledged beach babe, the actress confesses that this also means that she has to work double time to keep her body healthy and your skin glowing. “I love summer and being able to go to the beach. I love it when it’s hot, sunny, and windy,” she shares.

Janine Gutierrez Beach babe

Glowing morena skin is possible! We’re loving Janine in this nude bikini!

“As much as possible, I want to look fit in my swimsuits. But I love to eat—especially when I’m lounging by the beach,” she admits. This is why Janine tries to maintain an active lifestyle with a fitness routine composed of Pilates, boxing, running and swimming. “But my secret is that I also do Exilis at Belo to complement my workout. It helps tone and tighten some of my problem areas like the belly and the arms. It really helps me be more confident, especially for the summer,” she said.

Want to know other ways you can reach your #SummerBeautyGoals like Janine? Check out the most popular summer treatments at Belo—including some of Janine’s faves:

Your #SummerBeautyGoal: Tighter skin & A Toned Body

Your Belo Must-Try: Exilis, which is a combination of radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound technology. It delivers heat on the underlying tissues of the body without burning the skin. Exilis leads to skin tightening, fat burning, and lymphatic draining and contouring—which is why Janine loves this treatment! It’s the perfect complement to her tough workouts. “It makes my stubborn areas like the belly and arm more toned, so you can see the abs and the cuts better,” Janine shares.

Your #SummerBeautyGoal: Glowing Skin All Over

Your Belo Must-Try: In order for Janine to have smooth and even skin, she goes for a body scrub whenever she has the time. A top pick: the Belo Wet and Dry Dermabrasion treatment. Not only does it exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells, but it also infuses potent serums into your skin to boost its moisture and radiance. But if pigments or dark spots are a problem, ask your Belo doctor the Revlite laser. “It blasts off pigmentation into smaller particles,” says Dr. Rossanne Daval-Santos, MD of the Belo Medical Group. This treatment lightens problem areas and also helps promotes collagen production, so the skin appears even better after.

Tip: In case you get a jelly fish sting or sand flea bites after your beach trip, this laser can help lighten those marks, too!

Your #SummerBeautyGoal: Pimple-Free Skin

Your Belo Must-Try: The Honey and Almond Facial, which was made to nourish and care for dry skin, and is one of Janine’s secrets to keeping her morena complexion flawless and glowing. “I prioritize keeping my skin clear and clean and I do that with the Honey Almond Facial. It moisturizes my skin, especially in the very hot and dry weather in the summer. It really makes me feel more confident,” she says. Want to splurge a little more on your skin? Ask your Belo doctor about the Hydrafacial. This multi-step treatment lifts away dead skin cells, extracts impurities, and bathes your skin with active serums that are spiked with antioxidants to help reverse the damage you may have gotten from the sun.

Your #SummerBeautyGoal: Smoother, Fuzz-Free Skin

Your Belo Must-Try: Not only is shaving (and waxing!) a hassle, but it can lead to rough skin, ingrowns, and even darkening. If you want touchable skin that you can show off whenever you want, book a laser treatment for hair removal at Belo. “Lasers blast off the hair follicles to weaken it and stop hair growth. For best results, do it once a month with four to six week intervals in between,” says Dr. Daval-Santos. Keep in mind that not all laser hair removal machines are the same, so it’s always best to schedule a consultation for a more customized approach. “The lasers we use at Belo work well for all skin types, but we can also recommend the best one for you based on the thickness of the hair,” adds Dr. Daval-Santos.

Want to achieve your #SummerBeautyGoals? Click here to schedule your appointment at the Belo Medical Group Clinic near you today!

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