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Jinkee Pacquiao Falls In Love with Belo Vivace

Jinkee Pacquiao has been a loyal Belo Baby ever since her famous last name became a household one worldwide. From her first jaw-dropping BodyTite billboard in 2010 (remember the iconic line “Don’t get mad, get beautiful”?) to her 2017 Laser Liposuction campaign (Jinkee, 5 Kids, Size XS, #It’sPossible), she’s been leaving both loyal fans and EDSA onlookers wondering how she looks 32 at 42. Recently, she came in for another Belo Day—and this time, she got the chance to try our newest and most advanced treatment yet.

Enter Belo Vivace. It’s the hot new treatment that Derek Ramsay, Maine Mendoza, Aunt Julie (and more!) have been obsessed with, and it’s perfect for those who want to get rid of BOTH sagging skin and rough skin texture. 

What Is Belo Vivace?

Essentially, it’s a combination of two of aesthetic medicine’s most powerful innovations: microneedling and radiofrequency (RF). Its specialized wand contains 36 microneedles that deliver RF energy at precise depths—exactly where it’s needed—and create hundreds of tiny, tiny injuries on the skin surface. This kickstarts your skin’s natural wound healing process, which also causes it to produce more collagen and elastin!

Watching the #BeloVivace microneedles go into the skin can be really satisfying. Check this video out!

(Swipe left on the photo above!) A month after her Vivace treatment, Jinkee noticed much less redness on her face. The treatment was able to even out her skin tone. Her eyes and face were also more lifted, and her face even slimmed down. Even her nose showed improvement. “Mas payat!” she agreed after our doctors pointed out that Vivace also slimmed down her nose. And that’s only a month after—the best results will continue to show for up to 16 months!

Belo Vivace starts at P19,000 per session, and if you’d like to book an appointment, click here

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