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Going Ultra: Belo’s beloved V-Contour treatment welcomes a new era alongside its muse, Kim Chiu

You’re probably aware of term “contouring.” Most commonly used in makeup talk, this application technique has the ultimate goal of sculpting and defining the face. For most of us, however, band-aid solutions just won’t do. A growing number of people are in search of a non-invasive, long-lasting way to contour, not just in the face but for the rest of the body, too.

Belo Medical Group’s V-Contour Ultra is a transformative yet non-surgical way to sculpt and define the face and body. It offers efficient fat breakdown and skin tightening in one. As the pioneer of fat-melting injections in the country, Belo is the country’s best when it comes to less invasive liposuction alternatives. However, the Belo V-Contour Ultra surpasses its 2016 version by going beyond just fat melting. It’s a holistic treatment that addresses cellulite, improves skin texture, and enhances blood circulation.

Wellness enthusiasts are increasingly becoming more open with the fact that despite a healthy diet and consistent exercise, there are still cases where stubborn fat remains in the body, caused mostly by genetics and other underlying factors. That’s where Belo V-Contour Ultra comes in—targeting areas with resistant fat that help patients achieve their ideal body shape. Belo starts the treatment with a doctor’s consultation. This is to properly assess the patient’s health and align with their body sculpting goals. They then proceed to do the session in only just 10 to 15 minutes. Yes, each session of Belo V-Countour Ultra takes less than half an hour to complete, with minimal downtime! Results start being noticeable from two to four sessions, depending on body type.

Dr. Vicki Belo explains it best. “The V-Contour Ultra is a step-up from its original version. It contains more concentrated ingredients that penetrate and break down the thick capsule of the fat cell. Once the capsule is broken down, V-Contour Ultra’s other ingredients work on the exposed fat cell. L-Carnitine burns it faster, caffeine ushers the fat out of the system, while Vitamin A and E smoothens the skin where the fat cells originated. This explains why the V-Contour is a fantastic option for localized fat reduction on the double chin, face, lower abdomen, back, and all other parts where you experience stubborn fat.”

Localized fat loss truly has the power to transform one’s entire look, making patients look happier, healthier and more confident. This powerful change in persona is why Belo chose actress, host and entrepreneur Kim Chiu as the face and body of V-Contour Ultra. In her personal and professional life, Kim is undoubtedly in her “new me” era—happily forging her individual path after 12 years, and starring in the hit series Linlang, where she embraces a more mature, worldly character. “Kahit nagra-run or nagba-bike na ko, my puson area is very stubborn. Diyan talaga stuck yung fat. That’s why I do Belo V-Contour once every month or every three months, depending on my need.” Dr. Belo agrees. “Not everyone wants to do liposuction because of its invasive nature. V-Contour Ultra is the best alternative for spot fat reduction.”

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