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Let’s Debunk Common Summer Skin Myths!

By Ysabel Vitangcol on March 24, 2023

Let’s break myths to save your skin this summer!

  1. The higher the SPF number, the better

“Wearing sunscreen everyday will keep the wrinkles away,” Dr. Vicki Belo once said. But should you be particular with your SPF, or sun protection factor?

The sun protection factor, or commonly known as SPF, measures the number of ultraviolet B (UVB) rays in the sunscreen that can block or protect your skin. Because sunscreens are formulated to block against both UVB (causes sunburns and tanning) and ultraviolet A rays aka UVA (causes wrinkles, dark spots and premature ageing), it does not necessarily mean that you are guaranteed protection with a “higher” SPF value.

According to Dr. Belo, an ideal SPF number is 50+ PA+++.

“Apply sunscreen even if your makeup has SPF already. The SPF in your foundation will never be enough to protect you from UVA and UVB burning rays. Remember to apply 30 minutes before going out, and apply your sunscreen powder every two hours.”

  1. You only need SPF when you head out.

“The source of UV rays is not only from the sun, but also from computer screens, and the heat or radiation from cooking or baking,” Dr. Belo shared.

The sun is not just a major culprit for skin damage! With a work-from-home or hybrid set-up, it’s inevitable to stay in front of your screens for long periods of time, therefore exposing you to radiation rays. Even without direct sunlight, and even so staying indoors, you still need your SPF. 

“Use sunscreen in the morning even if you’re not going out. But if you go out, you can reapply,” Dr. Belo said. “Your hands and neck show the earliest signs of aging, so don’t limit sunscreen application to your face. Don’t forget those areas, too!”

  1. Sun exposure is a great way to treat acne

This is a big no-no! As a matter of fact, sun exposure can cause pigmentation and worsen your acne! While it is proven that the sun is a good source of Vitamin D, it does not mean that its exposure is the /ideal/ way of treating breakouts.

Belo’s ADVALight treatment may help you with that – the dual/hybrid laser that combines the world’s most advanced solid-state yellow laser can take care of your acne concerns. If you’re one that hopes to remove scars and wrinkles, ADVAYouth may be perfect for you. It helps rebuild collagen in the area, improving the texture, tone and pore size; while ADVAClear specifically targets acne treatment, where its laser gently zaps in to acne bacteria and the underlying vascular structure that supports cystic nodes. It also removes redness in both active acne and acne scars.

  1. Darker complexions do not need as much sun protection.

Filipinos are slowly embracing the beauty of morena skin. That’s a wonderful thing! However, just because you have a darker skin tone, it doesn’t mean that you need to lay off on the sunscreen. Regardless of colour, any overexposure to harmful rays can damage your skin and if not treated or cared for, can lead to skin cancer. 

  1. Sun damage isn’t possible on a windy/cloudy/cool day.

We’ve been having breezy and beautiful summer days lately, but it doesn’t mean we’re spared from the sun’s harmful rays as sun damage is caused by UV rays. Never underestimate the sun and its wrath! Apply sunscreen to protect your skin, and reapply it throughout the day.

Our Belo doctors can best recommend a skin care regimen for you during the hot climate so 8819-BELO (2356) or click here to book a consultation today!

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