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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 4, 2018

Still looking for the perfect gift for mom? Here are some of our best beauty recommendations for all the hardworking mamas who deserve a pamper day.

For The Busy Mom

She’s always on-the-go and hardly has time to rest. Even if she’s tired from work or from running errands for the household, she still manages to give some much-needed TLC to those around her.

The Perfect Treat: Force mom to take some “me time” by booking a facial treatment for her. The Full Facial only takes about 45 minutes (so she won’t feel restless) and it’s more than enough time to give her skin the VIP treatment. Beauty bonus: Aside from the thorough cleansing that comes with the treatment, she’ll also get a relaxing upper body massage and a skin tightening mask to help rejuvenate her skin.

For The Glam Mom

She’s the type of mom who’s always ooh-ed and aah-ed over at parties. Everyone gets surprised whenever she dares to reveal her real age (because she looks so young!) and you can always expect her to look camera-ready whenever you want to take her picture.

The Perfect Treat: Get her the Ulthera Treatment since this can help lessen wrinkles and keep her skin lifted and tight with just one session. It’s a skin investment, but one that’s totally worth it since the results can last for up to a year. Trust us—she’ll love you for it!

For The Sexy Mom

This mom is usually watching out for the newest diets and the hottest fitness craze. She tries to go to the gym as often as she can and always talks about wanting to bring back her pre-baby body.

The Perfect Treat: The best thing to pair with her workouts? A slimming treatment like Belo Exilis. This radio frequency (RF) treatment liquefies fat while toning and tightening the skin. She’ll love it because it can target all the stubborn spots on her body (like the tummy or arms area) and help her see results much faster.

For The Kikay Mom

This mom is always updated on the latest trends in fashion and beauty. She loves talking about makeup and is obsessed with always looking fresh, young, and glowing. Her style? Totally effortless and always chic.

The Perfect Treat: The Angel Whitening Treatment will give her the no-makeup glow she’s always dreamed of. It can also target wrinkles, dark circles (caused by late nights watching the baby), facial veins, and other dark spots she feels self-conscious about (think: underarms or elbows) that may have been caused by her last pregnancy.

For The Difficult Mom

When it comes to giving gifts, this mom is very picky and hard to please. And because you always want to make her happy and show her how much you love her, the pressure to find the perfect present is always high!

The Perfect Treat: Get her a Belo Gift Card. It’s available in Php 1,000, Php 2,500, and Php 5,000 denominations, so it’s suitable for every budget. It’s a great gift because your mom will have the freedom to choose the Belo treatment she wants to try and she can use her gift card in any Belo clinic in the Philippines.

Ready to book a Mother’s Day treat for your mom? Call us at 819-BELO or click here to visit a Belo clinic here in the Philippines near you.

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