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Sleep with Ivana Alawi: 5 Things She Does Before Going to Bed

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 4, 2020

In case you missed it, Ivana Alawi is the latest beauty to join the Belo Family. With over 5 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 3 million followers on Instagram, it’s pretty obvious the social media world can’t get enough of our Belo Beauty. Which is why…we’re letting you in on what happens before Ivana goes to bed and bids everyone ‘nighty-night.’ You’re welcome!

1. Does her nighttime skincare rituals

By nighttime rituals, we mean her nighttime skincare routine. Ivana has a very thorough skincare routine because she knows the importance of maintaining clear and healthy skin. And you can really see it—she’s glowing and fresh every single day. Now that she’s officially a Belo Baby, Ivana has Belofied her night time rituals—after watching this video, we’re sure you’ll want to Belofy yours, too.

2. Takes a relaxing hot bath

After removing her makeup and cleaning her face, Ivana prepares a hot bath. She says she sometimes has trouble sleeping, so the hot bath helps take the stress away and helps her relax. “I do not fall asleep easily. That’s why I have a hot bath tub ready, and the water has to be really, really hot. I would soak in it for 30 minutes. I usually put Himalayan salt because it keeps my body relaxed.”

3. Netflix and chill (for real!)

After relaxing in a warm bath, Ivana prepares some snacks and settles in her bed to watch movies on Netflix until she falls asleep. I think we can all relate, right?

4. Sleeps commando (most of the time)

What does she usually wear to sleep? Well, according to Ivana, “Honestly, I really don’t like wearing anything when I go to sleep. I like to sleep freely—unless I sleep with my family or I’m with my friends and we have a sleepover…then I would usually wear like a very loose cotton T-shirt..” Ivana says she dislikes wearing tight clothes for sleeping. She feels like she can’t breathe in them, and she can’t have a good night’s sleep.

5. Pre-planning for the next day

As for her thoughts before going to bed? Ivana says she plans her day ahead. “I actually pre-plan what I’m going to do the next day, so when I wake up, I have an idea of how I’ll start and end my day.” Afterwards, Ivana says a little prayer to show her appreciation and gratitude. It’s a perfect way to end the day, if you ask us.

Ivana’s nighttime routine has only five simple steps, but they’re meant to maximize relaxation, wellness, and of course, proper care for her skin. We hope that you use this to inspire you to craft a routine that suits your individual needs—and preps you for a great morning ahead.

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