Solenn Heussaff on Womanhood and Change with Onda Coolwaves™ Plus

If there’s one thing we know about our bodies, it’s that they evolve over time, carrying reminders of the milestones we’ve achieved and the challenges we’ve overcome along the way. Solenn Heussaff’s journey towards motherhood was a period of drastic change—and as she grew into her new role as a mom, she made staggering discoveries about her identity as a woman.

Recalling her younger days, she reflects on the constant anxiety that comes with being in the public eye: “I was very conscious about the way I looked, because everyone used to see me on the net or in my photos. I just felt this constant pressure of having to be a different person and having to change my body into something that wasn’t me.” 

This pressure intensified after giving birth to her daughter, Thylane. Her eyes welled with tears as she remembered receiving “nasty” comments on social media. “[But] you notice this person has brought so much joy, and you’re able to kind of let all that go. But in the process, you forget about yourself. Which is why it’s important also to focus on the things you want and the things you need. Because in order for me to be a good mother, I need to be able to be happy.”

Solenn slowly worked on herself—not to “bounce back” to her old body, but to forge a new sense of self. As a woman in her late thirties, Solenn observed that some things are harder than they used to be. While she exercised and maintained a healthy diet, she still dealt with what she referred to as a “mama pouch,” as in, the loose skin in the lower abdomen that is a natural result of giving birth. “It gets harder as you age. Your skin is not as elastic or doesn’t bounce back as when you were 20. It’s nothing to be ashamed about,” she mused. 

In order to target her specific problem areas, Dr. Vicki Belo recommended Belo Onda Coolwaves™ Plus. This non-invasive, body reshaping system uses selective microwaves called Coolwaves™ that target three main issues: fat tissues, cellulite, and skin laxity. With its equipped thermal monitor, the machine is able to analyze the right heat and depth to bypass the skin’s top layer and accurately target fat cells. This makes the procedure extra effective and painless for patients. Solenn observed that while she did feel a sensation of heat, it wasn’t uncomfortable.

The heat that the treatment generates does two things: it dissolves the cell membrane and stimulates the production of collagen. The cells naturally metabolize and are then eliminated by the body. Another new feature? Onda Coolwaves™ Plus comes with a special “Plus” handpiece (hence the name), which conducts drainage massage that expels excess liquids from the body. This results in reduced fat, less cellulite, and tighter, smoother, and toned skin. While it is typical to see results after 2-4 sessions, Solenn noticed an improvement on her stomach area after just one session.

Since Onda Coolwaves™ Plus destroys the fat cells themselves, the results are long-lasting. The human body stops producing new fat cells after adulthood, meaning the destroyed cells won’t be replaced—resulting in fewer fat cells forever.

Solenn looks forward to seeing even better results after more sessions of Onda Coolwaves™ Plus. She urges other women like her to remember that things will get better with time, and perseverance. The journey for reshaping and restoring yourself isn’t taken alone–it really takes a village. “It’s hard work, it’s perseverance, it’s asking for help as well, and it’s just being happy. Cause if you’re happy doing things, it just makes things easier.” 

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