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The Products the Belo HQ Team Swears By

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 21, 2021

We’re all obsessed with having clear, healthy skin. But honestly, with the weather that we have in the Philippines, it’s quite difficult to find a certain product that is “hiyang” (read: a perfect match!) to our skin type. We then end up doing trial and error on multiple products that don’t seem to get the job done…and end up splurging way more than we originally planned. Some of us use organic, locally-made products because they’re cheaper, but don’t necessarily give you the best results. So how do we really know what products we’re supposed to use, given our weather conditions and our skin type?

Belo Medical Group has been in the medical services industry for almost 30 years, and we only trust the best products—ZO Skin Health, Inc. by Zein Obagi, M.D. ZO is the leading innovator in skincare solutions that help bridge the gap between in-clinic treatments and at-home care. Their products are often prescribed because they contain higher doses of active ingredients than your typical drugstore skincare products. Belo has been the exclusive distributor of ZO Skin Health Products since 2011. Our doctors often complement ZO product prescriptions with products from our very own Belo Prescriptives line, for a truly holistic skincare routine.

Who else could give honest reviews of Belo products but those who have been using them for a long time? So, we asked members of the Belo HQ which products have helped them “glow up.” Don’t forget—most of the products mentioned are available at the Belo Shop or the brand new Belo Essentials website.

Brei Garcia

Marketing Head

“The Belo Illuminating Cream is one of my earliest product discoveries as a fairly new employee. What made it stand out among other products that were introduced to me was the promise of lightening darker areas of the body. I suffer from contact dermatitis, so I have random dark spots all over my body from scratch wounds. I love how the product is able to effectively even out my skin tone! I’m not planning on wearing a bikini anytime soon, but it gives me peace of mind and an extra boost of confidence that I’m able to fix my skin problems.

I developed freckles and melasma from years of extensive exposure to the sun due to surfing, plus my overall skin quality changed a lot postpartum. Since I was young, my mom’s always taught me the importance of skincare, but it wasn’t until my 30s that I started to listen and decide to invest in a solid skincare regimen (she’s a major fan of ZO®, and we know moms know best!). I’m trying to make up for all those years of neglect, and I’m so happy to find these easy-to-use products, especially for a low-maintenance girl like me (I can’t do a 10-step skincare regimen to save my life). 

Here are the four products Brei swears by:

Paula Pangan, 35, Digital Art Director

“I love the Frezyderm Velvet Face Sunblock SPF 50! It’s not just a sunblock—it can also be used as primer. It has a little tint, so most days I don’t even need to put on foundation anymore. It absorbs oiliness, which gives you that velvet finish! I highly recommend this to those who don’t want to put on a lot of makeup, because this has drastically simplified my makeup routine!”

 Andrea Valenzuela-Lim, 29, Advertising and Promotions Manager

“I’ve had acne problems since my teenage years. I have oily and sensitive skin, so I break out easily. “

Here are the four products Andrea swears by:

“The ZO Oil Control Pads are my favorite! They really do wonders for the skin. I often tell my friends about this, especially those who saw me going through my acne phase: ‘ZO Oil Control Pads really made my skin behave.’ This product is LIT!”

Rosa Corrales, 49, Patient Experience Manager

“I believe that skincare is a journey. You need to walk that road and experience it. Some may, at the very onset, already know that it just isn’t working, so switch, change. For some, you get the feeling that the journey is worth it and all one needs to do is just patiently wait for the “promise” to take effect.

 “…the ZO Hydrating Cleanser is my ‘but first, coffee’ strategy. I start my skin regimen by washing my face soon as I get up, and the cleansing that follows before my day ends.

“A recent addition to my regimen from the ZO line is the Daily Power Defense (DPD). I’ve been wanting to try this after hearing so many good reviews and recommendations from Belo doctors… They say that if there’s only one ZO product one would need, it’s this! As a moisturizer, it gives my skin the cool, clean feeling and hydration my skin needs (age, age, age!). If the ZO Hydrating Cleanser is my ‘but first, coffee’ strategy, DPD is my nightcap.”

Richard Allen Kho, 36, General Manager for Snow Angel Skin Health, Inc. (SASHI)

“I’ve been using these Belo products for almost 5 months now! Problema ko dati ang blackheads ko sa nose. But now, I can only see a few! And my pores are smaller!”

Here are Allen’s fave products:

“…my wife kept teasing me kasi sobrang mabusisi ako sa mga ginagamit ko sa mukha. Using Belo products boosted my confidence and made me see the importance of taking good care of yourself.”

Before using any of the products above, it’s best to consult our doctors to know more about these products. You can also check out the Belo Shop for more info!

Belo Medical Group has helped a lot of people gain confidence and boost their self-esteem. Many keep trying different brands, but why not stick with what experts recommend? Belo products can and will give you the best, long-lasting results you’ve always dreamed of…and these longtime Belo employees can attest to that.

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