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Too Tired From Work? Here are 5 Easy Workout Videos to Try

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 17, 2020

Feeling swamped with work or school and don’t have the time to squeeze in a high-intensity workout? No worries! According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention in the US, adults need to meet a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity workouts per week (or 30 minutes per day). It also has to be a combination of two types of physical activity: aerobic activity and muscle strengthening. Below are some easy workout videos you can try, even when you’re too tired from work.

1. Do some stretching exercises.

Just feel drained from your workday? Even minimal exercises like stretching could be enough! Stretching helps improve your flexibility and mobility, which is important if you work a desk job and sit for hours on end. This 15-minute stretching exercise by MadFit is super easy to do and squeeze in before going to bed. You just need a soft surface like a yoga mat or soft rug to cushion you as you go through the movements.

2. Try a 5-minute yoga routine.

If you want something more intensive but still motivating to do at the end of the day, then a yoga routine would be another easy workout you could do. Yoga With Adriene has a lot of 30-minute yoga routines, but this Vinyasa routine is the perfect way to end the day on a positive note. All you’ll need is a yoga mat and comfy, stretchy clothes for this one! 

3. Pop in a dance class.

Want to get your heart rate up? The Fitness Marshall’s dance workouts will do the trick! Most songs last five to seven minutes, so it’s a quick way of fitting in a workout whenever you can. Plus, you can choose from a variety of songs to suit your mood. No equipment needed, just your willingness to bop to beats like Ariana Grande’s new song “positions”. You might even end up going for two or more songs in the end.

4. Add some weights.

Now, for those whose fitness goals include muscle-building and toning, there are some weighted exercises you could try too. Women’s Health previously uploaded a 5-minute total-body workout that uses just one dumbbell. It also shows some modified movements you could opt to follow depending on the level of difficulty you’re looking for.

5. Do this 7-minute full-body workout.

While this workout by Vicky Justiz says it’s for lazy girls, don’t let it fool you! The shorter time means you’ll need to do more repetitions for each set. But it’s mostly comprised of floor exercises where you lie on your side or back as well as sit, finishing off with some calf raises, lunges, and squats. No weights, no jumping, just focusing on exercising every part of your body in under 10 minutes.

Just keep this in mind: a little bit of exercise each day is better than none at all! So if you can muster up even just a little bit of energy to fit in these workout videos at the end of the day, you’re already doing a great job.

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