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What Celebs are Doing at Home to Stay Healthy

By Ysabel Vitangcol on March 27, 2020

We know it’s tempting to just laze around in your jammies, eat easy-to-make junk food, and make the quarantine period an excuse to neglect your health and fitness goals, but adopting a healthy lifestyle helps strengthen your immune system to fight off diseases such as COVID-19. So wear your workout clothes, gently coax yourself out of that lazy mood, and learn some tips and tricks from your favorite celebs to inspire you to get moving and stay healthy.

Due to the lockdown and social distancing measures, gyms and fitness studios have closed their doors for the meantime. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a great workout, and have amazing results in the comfort of your home (with limited or no fancy exercise equipment needed). Just look at our Belo Baby, Lovi Poe: 


Lovi shows how you can have a great glute and leg workout with just a resistance band. Never underestimate the wonders of using your own body weight. We really #LoviYourBody, Lovi!

But if you’re lucky enough to have exercise equipment or weights such as dumbbells at home like Alden Richards, now is the perfect time to get your ROI by picking them up and using them. The charming #BeloBaby also has a message for his followers: “Stay at home and please stay healthy po.”


Not quite sure what workouts to do? There are many free fitness apps, YouTube workout videos, and printable fitness programs online to choose from. But if you still really miss your go-to fitness studio, many local gyms and fitness studios have incorporated the bayanihan spirit by creating free online classes either by Instagram Live, or through their websites for everyone to enjoy. See how our ever-so-lovely beauty queen Alice Dixson takes her yoga classes now. 


Alice shares that doing light to moderate workouts helped her build her immune system and get better after feeling under the weather. She also prepares healthy food to accompany her exercise. 


Another effective way to motivate yourself is to have a fitness buddy. This way, you won’t be struggling alone, and you can push each other’s limits. Invite your family to join, but just remember to maintain social distance. You can try the workout splits posted by our Belo Baby Aubrey Miles and her hubby, Troy Montero in their Instagram accounts. They show how you can tone your body at home together. Aren’t they just #couplegoals?


Aside from the benefits we mentioned, the multi-talented beauty Ylona Garcia reminds us all that exercising can make you much happier because of the endorphins your body produces. And with all the anxiety we’re experiencing right now, we could sure use this boost. 


And of course, don’t forget to fuel your workout. With the extra time you finally have, you can prepare nutrient-rich food with the many free healthy recipes online. Want to be #extra? You can start growing your own fresh produce, just like our glowing Belo Baby Nicole Ortega. 

(Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate! We sweat a lot when we work out, so don’t forget to replenish.)

Our Belo Babies prove that there’s really no excuse to be lazy with your health. If there’s one thing they have in common, it’s that they encourage everyone to keep moving along with them—and start adopting a healthier lifestyle.

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