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What Exactly Is ‘Skin Minimalism,’ And How Can You Practice It?

By Ysabel Vitangcol on February 17, 2021

What we’ve gone through in the last 12-ish months has changed the way we think about, well, everything. We’re switching vacations for home improvement, mall trips to online deliveries, and complicated for simple—because life’s complicated enough already. That includes our beauty routines. Minimalism is being embraced in all aspects, even in the way we take care of ourselves. So what’s ‘skinimalism,’ and how exactly can you start doing it?

In France, the UK, and Germany, Pinterest Business found that there was an 180% increase in searches for “natural everyday makeup.” Meanwhile, Canada and Australia searched for the phrase “glowing skin how to get naturally” 4x more often. “Say goodbye to the 12-step beauty routine,” the image sharing service declared. “Skincare brands can help Pinners streamline their regimens and discover clean products with natural ingredients. Makeup brands can share tips on how to create a dewy, natural beauty look that will look great on camera and video calls.”

Here’s how to become a ‘skinimalist’ this 2021:

  1. Reduce your beauty routine to just the basics.

You don’t need that 12-step Korean skincare routine (trust us—Dr. Vicki Belo said so). If you stick to products that are multipurpose, effective from the first go, and are worth every penny, you can simplify your skincare routine by miles. A good exfoliating cleanser + oil control pads (yep, just two steps!) can do the trick for those who are acne-prone, for example.

  1. Do treatments with results that last for longer.

Whenever possible, try not to invest in separate treatments for every single skin concern. If you can find one single treatment that can target multiple issues, then your money will go a long way. For example, if you’re struggling with both acne/acne scars + rough skin, Vivace Acne can target both in a single session!

  1. Don’t feel the need to subscribe to every beauty trend—just stick to what works.

That electronic gua sha or battery-powered facial cleansing device that’s dominating your feed isn’t necessarily the most effective thing out there. If everyone’s been raving about niacinamide but you know for a fact that your skin doesn’t respond well to it, don’t be pressured by what influencers, TikTok personalities, or even your friends say. Stick to the products and treatments that work for you, even if you haven’t seen them trend online for a while now. After all, the only opinion that matters is yours and your doctor’s!

Enjoy your ultra-effective and simplified skincare journey, Belo Beauties. If you need a little guidance, our doctors are always available for an online consultation.

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