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You’ve Never Heard of Keratosis Pilaris, But You Probably Have It

By Ysabel Vitangcol on March 4, 2021

We’re not going to lie—we’re dying to don our tank tops and sleeveless dresses because summer is obviously here. The temperature’s significantly risen, and the last thing we want is the need to hide dark, sweaty, and bumpy underarms. It’s not fun having a cute outfit on but not feeling confident enough to flaunt them.

Speaking of rough, uneven armpits, it’s good to know that there are actually a lot of treatments out in the market that can easily address this problem. But first things first; let’s get to the root of it all. What exactly causes us to get this underarm issue in the first place?

Meet keratosis pilaris

There’s actually a name for this skin condition—keratosis pilaris. Sounds serious, we know, but don’t worry, it’s not harmful at all or something you should be scared about. It’s basically just a fancy term for chicken skin, which is characterized by dry, rough skin with small bumps, usually found not just on the armpits but also on the butt, arms, or legs. They don’t hurt and aren’t itchy either. Sound familiar?

The culprit behind keratosis pilaris is more common than we thought. It’s caused by the friction every time we pluck or shave our skin. The constant rubbing causes the accumulation of keratin—the protein that makes up our nails and the outer layer of our skin. Too much keratin obstructs the hair follicles, resulting in the dry, rough, and bumpy underarms.

Get rid of the hair

So how can we prevent chicken skin or keratosis pilaris from happening or worsening? It’s pretty simple—stop plucking and shaving! It may seem easier said than done, but the key is to invest in a proper hair removal procedure so you won’t have to worry about ridding your body—especially your underarms—of it anymore.

At Belo, there are different ways you can nip chicken skin and other associated skin issues in the bud. Let’s go through each of them so you know which one is the best for you.

Skin Master Botanicals

The idea is simple. Remove unwanted hair so that you won’t ever need to shave or pluck again! The beauty of laser technology is that the results are almost always visible right after the session. 

Take Belo’s Skin Master Botanicals, for example. It’s designed to not just exfoliate the affected area but to cleanse and hydrate it, as well as zap pigmentation. Using the combined technologies of ultrasonic waves, Lotti microcurrent, and micro diode laser, it gets rid of dead skin cells to reveal whiter skin. Sessions typically last for an hour and you can keep having it done every two to four weeks. Pair it with Belo Angel Whitening for ultimate lightening and smoothening!

Another treatment that works wonders for treating chicken skin is Revlite, another non-invasive procedure which generates laser pulses to break down pigmented lesions into smaller particles. In as little as 20 minutes, it can lighten skin affected by hyperpigmentation or sun damage, and even from tattoos. Repeat every six to eight weeks.

With these treatments, you can get your kili-kili ready for summer. Bare those smooth and fair underarms with confidence!

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