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The Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal Treatment You Need to Try

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 2, 2020

Hair removal is, well, a pain. Shaving causes nicks and bumps, waxing and threading leave skin sore to the touch, and laser hair removal, while more effective, can feel like ant bites…or even rubber band snaps. Ouch! 

But with Enhanced Community Quarantine in full effect, we’re sure you even miss these procedures, however painful—hair removal is something we’ve had to live without since we’ve been on lockdown. Of course, nothing is more important than our health, so it’s an easy sacrifice to make! But once you’re able to head out on the world again, a question you might be asking is…

Is there any way you can be confidently hair-free without having to endure pain and discomfort? Well, with the Harmony SHR, it’s finally possible.

Belo Baby Ivana Alawi loves her Harmony laser hair removal treatments because she can just relax (in her protective goggles, of course) as the machine does its magic! You see, the Harmony laser uses in-motion technology to deliver near-infrared (NIR) light that eliminates hair, without the discomfort.

It works by gradually heating up the dermis to a temperature that damages the hair follicles, preventing regrowth while avoiding damaging the surrounding tissue. As you can see in Ivana’s video above, a thick gel is applied to the treatment area to protect your skin as the wand heats up. After that, it’s almost like a relaxing massage experience as our expert doctors move the applicator repeatedly across the treatment area, ensuring effective hair removal! 

Results are seen around the third session, and further improvement is seen thereafter, so consistently scheduled sessions are best. It’s wise to start planning your Belo sessions in advance, especially since we’ve introduced the Belo Beauty Fund: when you invest in treatments now, you’ll enjoy free credits to use once our clinics reopen. Exciting, right?

We can’t wait to make you all hair-free again!

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