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Ulthera Prime: The Secret to Looking Young For Albert Martinez

By admin on August 27, 2019

Is there another leading man like ABS-CBN star Albert Martinez? There’s probably close to none. Since the 1980s, Martinez set the standard when it comes to acting. He’s also one to ask when it comes to the standard of looking young with Ulthera Prime.

These days, Martinez is facing a different showbiz landscape from the one that existed when he first started. A lot of newcomers with young faces are favored. Handsome men and models are all over Instagram and are famous on social media.

It’s because of this Martinez finds the value of looking good at any age. “Aging is inevitable. You just need to take care of yourself well, and I’m really glad and blessed that there are now procedures that can, more or less, slow down aging,” he says.

You can see how Martinez’s direct knowledge of the industry and its demands is why he can still bag the title role.

At 58 years old, he’s aware that if he’s not careful, he won’t get the same roles he’s used to playing. 

Martinez shares, “It’s a plus to look young onscreen because you get to work on leading man roles again. Compared to, for example, when you’re 50 and you’re looking 50 so you ending up playing roles and all those small roles.”

Aside from his sheer talent that has only gotten better over time, he has a secret to outshining those who are decades younger than him.

Martinez invested in taking care of himself with the Belo Medical Group. He talks about how he’s been with Belo since 1999.

Previously, he tried the first generation Ulthera technology and was happy with the outcome.

It was then not a question for him to try Ulthera Prime, the latest in the procedure which is almost painless and immediately effective.

“I was actually excited to try it. I know for a fact that the result is going to be really, really nice. I believe it’s also the reason why I was able to maintain this look.”

The actor mainly likes how Ulthera Prime gives him what he needs. “After the procedure, you’ll see a big difference as far as skin tightening [and] skin quality at the same time.” He continues, “One thing I notice is that you get your sharp features back. Your jawline is going to come back. You don’t have those drooping cheekbones. That’s what I’m actually excited about.”

If fans believe entirely in Martinez’s skill as an actor, Martinez, on the other hand, puts his trust in Belo. He loves the service and attention to detail. “Belo Medical has this VIP treatment to all their clients. You get very good after-procedure care and maintenance. And of course, the Belo Medical Group has been in the business for so long.”

He even highlights Belo’s most recent achievement in cosmetic medical care. “Belo won the Tala Award for being the number 1 Ulthera provider in the Philippines, so that’s more than enough reason to choose Belo.”

And with his talent, experience, and know-how, there’s no way that Martinez will ever leave the limelight, no matter how much age tries to catch up with him.

Want to look young with Belo Ulthera Prime? Click here or call us at 819-BELO (2356) and book an appointment at a Belo Medical Group clinic near you.

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