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What’s Hexylresorcinol, and How Can It Brighten Dark Undereyes?

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 20, 2020

Very early on in the skincare zeitgeist, scientists and aestheticians alike realized that our eyes are the first to age. That’s why in any drugstore aisle or skincare e-commerce website, you’ll find no shortage of eye care products packed with powerful actives, running the gamut from retinol, peptides, and more. But there’s a little-known kid on the block that boasts of amazing anti-aging benefits around the eyes as well. Be ready, because this is going to be a little hard to pronounce: hexylresorcinol. So what can this mystery ingredient do to brighten dark undereyes?

What is Hexylresorcinol (HXR)?

According to L’Oréal Paris, hexylresorcinol—let’s call it HXR for short—is “an alkylresorcinol (AR), a type of phenolic lipid, that can be found naturally in whole grain wheat and rye.” It’s more commonly found in the form of topical creams for small skin infections, or as an ingredient in throat lozenges. 

In a September 2015 journal article, Dr. Ratan Chaudhuri reported on the wondrous germ-killing powers of HXR in a Johns Hopkins study by Dr. Veader Leonard. “Dr. Leonard and his associates were looking for a ‘perfect’ antiseptic that was deadly to germs but harmless to man. In the course of their efforts, they found that HR possessed over 50 times the germ-killing power of pure carbolic acid.” 

What skin issues does Hexylresorcinol (HXR) address?

In skincare, hexylresorcinol has been known to be an effective skin brightener. Its antioxidant and astringent properties also make it perfect for those looking to even out their complexion. So let’s break that down.

Antioxidants stop free radicals from wreaking havoc on your skin (free radicals come most often from excessive sun exposure). On the other hand, astringents help to cleanse skin and tighten pores. Because HXR has both, then you can enjoy double the skin benefits!

A 2011 study published in the American Academy of Dermatology also found that HXR has stimulating effects on collagen and elastin production, which could help offset the first signs of aging. 

What makes Hexylresorcinol (HXR) perfect for my eye area?

Think of hexylresorcinol as the superhero your eyes never knew they needed. Its skin-brightening properties can get rid of those panda eyes you earned from countless late nights this quarantine. Its ability to stimulate collagen and elastin helps with anti-aging. Its antioxidant properties prevent free radical damage, and its role as an astringent helps to cleanse and purify. 

Where can I get a Hexylresorcinol (HXR) eye cream?

At the Belo Shop, of course! The FILLMED® HXR-Eye Cream contains 0.1% hexylresorcinol, combined with hyaluronic acid, arg-lys peptide, and 0.5% escin to nourish and revive your eye area. One pump goes a long way—and Dr. Vicki Belo advises that you put eye cream on in the morning to prevent puffiness. She personally uses the HXR-Eye Cream, too, as mentioned in this September 2020 interview with the Philippine Tatler. At P5,310, it may be pricier than your usual eye creams, but trust us—it’s worth every cent.

You can also get the FILLMED® HXR-Eye Cream as part of our newest BelofEYE Kit—you’d also get the FILLMED® Eye-Recover Mask to boot, making for a holistic eye care routine that even beginners will get down pat.

So if you’re tired of eye creams that tout amazing results but fall flat—and leave you puffy to boot—the FILLMED® HXR-Eye Cream just might be your next favorite product.

Click here to purchase the FILLMED® HXR-Eye Cream for ₱5,800 (as of May 2023) at the Belo Shop. To book your BelofEYE appointment, click this link or call 8819-BELO (2356).

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