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You HAVE to See This Kilig Video of Catriona Gray and Piolo Pascual

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 8, 2020

So by now, you’re probably aware that Catriona Gray and Piolo Pascual are the twin endorsers of our newest campaign, #BelofEYE

What’s BelofEYE, you ask? One, it’s a play on the popular Belo verb “Belofy,” except this time it’s focused on the eyes. Two, it’s a comprehensive set of treatments designed specifically for your delicate eye area—which is likely taking the toll of your increased screen time, erratic sleep schedule, and more.

Anyways. You can learn more about our campaign here. Right now, what we want to tell you about is this super kilig video featuring Catriona and Piolo—with a twist. All you’re going to see is their eyes! See their “eye conversation” here:

What was the idea behind the video?

It’s a modern interpretation of the classic Western trope, where two cowboys about to engage in a gunfight look one another in the eye. The camera zooms to the protagonist’s eye area as an ominous country song begins to play its first notes. We wanted to pay homage to that in a more loving and human way, between two human beings feeling melancholy because of the pandemic.

Why the focus on the eyes?

As Piolo mentions in the video, you can infer a lot from the eyes. So even in the world where our primary mode of expression—our mouth—is covered, there’s still a lot of emotion that you can get from someone’s eyes.

Why is it so important to care for your eyes?

Your eyes, and possibly your hair, are the only things that distinguish you from a masked crowd these days. And quarantine has brought with it a unique set of stresses, most of which leave bad effects on the eyes. Now, more than ever, your eyes should be the focus.

Learn more about the BelofEYE range here.

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