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10 Things to Declutter—Physically and Digitally—While We’re Still in January

By Ysabel Vitangcol on January 11, 2021

We all know the drill—whenever the new year rolls around, it’s the perfect opportunity to get rid of things that we accumulated over the previous year and no longer need. As Marie Kondo’s message goes, by decluttering we are able to “spark joy.” While it’s still January, it’s the perfect time to get cracking. Here are some physical and digital objects to get you started.

  1. Christmas Décor

It’s time to take down the Christmas stockings and put the belen back in the box. It’s a gentle nudge that symbolizes that the holidays are over (whether we like it or not) and that we should embrace the new year.

  1. Old calendars

There’s nothing like a quick glance at a printed calendar to make plans. Just like Yuletide baubles, by taking down old calendars, we’re making a gesture to usher in the current year.

  1. Expired food

If you believe in the New Year tradition of having 12 fruits as a symbol of prosperity, then you know these will go bad anytime soon. While they’re still fresh, it’s time to come up with a fruit salad or smoothie. The same goes for that can of corn that’s gone way beyond its expiry date.

  1. Old clothes

We’re pretty sure with all the good food during Noche Buena and Media Noche, you might have gained a few pounds (which is totally fine). Apart from clothes that no longer fit, you could also set aside those which you no longer wear and consider donating these to charity.  

  1. Electronics

Admit it. At some point during the year, you might have purchased electronics that you later on regretted buying. There are actually Facebook groups that let you post donations and connect you to people willing to take them. For laptops and tablets, consider donating these to students in need of gadgets for distance learning. 

  1. Irrelevant email subscriptions

Digital spaces need decluttering, too. It’s time to go through your email and revisit your subscriptions, most of which we’re sure you no longer read anyway. 

  1. Used beverage cartons

With a growing shift towards adopting a minimal to no-waste lifestyle, more and more Filipinos are turning to recycling and upcycling. If you’re a regular milk or juice drinker, you can actually donate the used cartons to groups which use the reuse these or turn these into materials for new projects.

  1. Books

Let’s face it. There’s only so many books that our bookshelves can actually accommodate. Why not donate these to a library or to a school?

  1. Old receipts

While it’s always handy to keep receipts so you can keep track of your expenses, after a while, these will start to create a small pile of trash. Time to toss these in the bin and create added space in your drawer.

  1. Notebooks 

Notebooks are such useful things, but when we’ve written on every page, then there’s little use for them anymore. For those notes worth going back to, you can always create a digital version by snapping a photo.

We hope this list inspires you to start decluttering! As we usher in 2021, getting rid of things we no longer need can do wonders to refresh and rejuvenate not just our bodies, but our minds as well. Happy twenty-twenty-one!

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