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20 Good Things That Happened in 2020

By Ysabel Vitangcol on December 28, 2020

We’re almost there! Just a couple of days before we—FINALLY!—say goodbye to 2020, a year that will forever live in historical infamy. Many would agree that this year is the best example of Murphy’s Law, but if we look really really hard, there are still some bright spots on this extra challenging year.

Here are just some of the best things that happened in 2020 to help you find the good amidst all the bad.

1. History-making COVID vaccines are on their way

The world witnessed how true heroes like scientists and medical professionals worked triple time to create a COVID-19 vaccine, making it the fastest vaccine ever produced in the history of the world. Vaccines from Pfizer have been rolled out in some countries and will soon be available for use for a wider public.

2. Zoom

That’s it. Just Zoom. Zoom happened this year and it made our lives and our work so much easier despite sheltering-at-home.

3. Biden-Harris’ record-breaking win

The world rejoiced with the USA when former vice president Joe Biden was projected (and recently officially declared) the 46th president of the United States. And with him, the American people voted for the first female, black and south asian vice president in Kamala Harris. Some would also argue that the best part about this Biden-Harris victory is the fact that Trump lost.

4. LGBTQ anti-discrimination ordinance was signed

In the capital city of Manila, Mayor Isko Moreno has officially signed Ordinance No. 8695 or the Manila LGBTQI Protection Ordinance of 2020. And he hopes “this is just the start” of a better, brighter world for the community.

5. Carbon dioxide emissions declined

According to the UN, global carbon emissions decreased. It’s because of several factors, but we’ll take that as a win anytime.

6. Last Congo Ebola patient discharged

Earlier this year, the last Ebola patient in Congo was finally discharged, signaling the end of the outbreak in the region, as reported by Reuters.

7. Countries look after animals more

This year, countries have signed into law the banning of abhorrent animal practices in their premises. In a report by Conde Nast Traveller, China has finally banned wildlife trade for human consumption, including capturing pangolins for its scales; while other countries like France “banned the use of wild animals in circuses”.

8. Mental health became less of a taboo

With almost everyone dealing with the same battles during the pandemic, more and more people have become more open about discussing mental health. Education is always a win!

9. Mapua student wins international design award

For his up-cycled crop waste invention which allowed existing structures to convert UV light into electricity, Mapua student Carvey Maigue won the first ever James Dyson Award for Sustainability.

10. The Queen’s Gambit

Netflix’s new original series captivated a global audience and is already creating an Emmy’s buzz for 2021. The Queen’s Gambit is also responsible for the increase in Google search for chess as well as record-breaking sales of chess sets.

11. Filipinos coming together for each other

When the country suffered from back to back natural disasters last month, Filipinos came together to support each other – in cash and in kind. C-130 planes were filled with donations, countless donors selflessly gave their hard-earned money to worthy causes, and tireless volunteers went on site to help our countrymen get back on their feet.

12. Plantitos and Plantitas

Discovering the therapeutic properties of gardening, more Filipinos found themselves filling their homes with plants and creating little concrete jungles of their own. This trend also raised the equally important argument that if we can spend thousands on a single plant, we can pay farmers a fair amount for their hard work.

13. Quarantine Business Boom

When the lockdown started, we scrambled to find a way to get our normal life running and countless home-based businesses addressed our concerns about grocery shopping, baked goods, deliveries, and so much more. Filipinos are ingenious and now we’ve got a ton of online choices when it comes to various tasks.

14. Celebrity raises 1,000 bikes for donations

The lockdown also meant public transportation ground to a halt. It was private citizens, like Gretchen Ho, who came to the rescue by finding a way to donate a thousand bikes to hard-working Pinoys who needed to report to work despite the lockdown.

15. Ipo Watershed reforestation completed

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, reforestation efforts at Ipo Watershed (which supplies water to 96% of Metro Manila) were completed, thanks to private donors who helped make it happen.

16. Carlos Yulo is now world’s No. 1

After a series of wins for Carlos Yulo this year in men’s artistic gymnastics floor exercise, he is now on top globally!

17. SB19 in Top 10 of Billboard Year-End Charts’ Social 50 Artists

Pinoy pop (P-Pop) boyband SB19 bagged 6th place in this year’s Billboard Year-End Charts’ Social 50 Artists, which “determines the most popular artists from around the world using data from social media platforms and fan engagement”. They were the only Southeast Asian boyband in the top 10!

18. University of the Philippines develops 1st Filipino-made air quality monitor

In a report from Good News Pilipinas, UP Diliman in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology created the first Pinoy-made aerosol monitor that could measure the particulate matter concentration in the air. It means it could be used to find ways to address air pollution.

19. “Mindanao” is Philippines’ entry to Oscars 2021

The Philippines has an official entry to the Academy Awards in 2021, which stars veteran actress Judy Ann Santos and directed by award-winning filmmaker Brillante Mendoza.

20. Philippines wins 5 World Travel Awards

The country won four awards at the 27th World Travel Awards-Asia this year, namely Asia’s Leading Dive Destination, Asia’s Leading Tourist Board, Asia’s Leading Beach Destination, and Asia’s Leading Tourist Attraction: Intramuros. According to Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat, “This is the fourth time for us to win Asia’s Leading Beach Destination, and the second time to win Asia’s Leading Dive Destination. This is also the second time Intramuros has won the Asia’s Leading Tourist Attraction award (the last one in 2016). The DOT has also been declared this year’s leading tourist board in Asia, our second time in a row.”

What’s the best thing that happened to you this year? Try to count your blessings before the year ends, so you can start 2021 on a grateful note. Happy New Year, Belo Beauties!

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