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ICYMI: Facebook Live with Mayor Isko Moreno and Dr. Vicki Belo

By Ysabel Vitangcol on August 26, 2020

It’s been a while since we caught up with our January Belo Thermage FLX endorser, Mayor Isko Moreno. And who can blame him? We’re eight months into a global pandemic, and the man is neck-deep in responsibility as mayor of the country’s capital. Despite that, we were thrilled that he carved out a couple hours to spend with Dr. Vicki Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho, albeit virtually, to talk about Belofication—be it of the city, or of the face and body.


If you missed our live session, here are the highlights:

1. Just as Belo gives face lifts, Mayor Isko Moreno is giving the City of Manila a facelift, too.


From the Jones Bridge to the Lagusnilad Underpass to the Liwasang Bonifacio Dancing Fountain and more, the City of Manila’s efforts to “make Manila great again,” in Yorme’s words, are bearing beautiful fruit. The Instagram-worthy coffee shop nearby, which will feature Starbucks-quality drinks at affordable prices, remained unnamed…until Mayor Isko revealed the name right there in our Live session. It will be called “Kape-Tolyo,” both a pun on the Tagalog word for coffee and the fact that Manila is the capital city. Hilarious, right?

When asked by the doctors what inspired his decision to create a “Bagong Maynila,” Mayor Isko talked a little bit about his past. “Dati akong basurero. I grew up in the area, and it seems na parang walang gobyerno… Sabi ko, ‘Ano ang difference natin kung walang mangyayari? Para lang tayong nagdaan.’ There is chaos, there is too much obstruction. Let’s bring back the roads to the people,” he asserted. 

After clearing the obstructions, he ordered the construction of standardized vending stalls that do not block main roads, so as not to take away vendors’ livelihoods. “Vendor pa rin sila, but there is dignity. Tapos panatag ‘yung mamamayan. Tapos walang may siga. Pantay-pantay, walang malakas, walang mahina. Pare-pareho sila. They have equal opportunity. Kahit vendor pa rin sila, merong dignidad sa kalsada. ‘Yun ‘yung sinasabi ko na kahit mahirap tayo, hindi natin kailangan maging dugyot.”

Mayor Isko also has plans to replicate Singapore’s successful HDB housing projects, calling them the “Tondominium,” “Binondominium,” and more. We’ll stay tuned for that!

2. Mayor Isko’s secret to success? He never settles.

“Since time immemorial, when I entered into public service, [my mantra is] ‘What can I do today better than yesterday?’” Yorme said. Being the Mayor of Manila is by no means an easy feat, but he handles it by taking it one day at a time. “If you really want to change things, you have to change yourself also… ‘yun ang nakakagising ng dugo ko araw-araw. Okay, nakaraos kami kahapon. Salamat sa Diyos. May nagawa kami kahapon. Salamat sa Diyos. An inch of development that favors the public is [good enough]. We have to start somewhere. We really have to start walking, so that one way or another, with focus or perseverance, you will arrive at your destination.”

3. Yorme believes in the importance of self-care.

As a lover of Belo Thermage FLX, Yorme is always the first to point out that men shouldn’t be afraid of treating their skin well. “Pagka-kwarenta anyos ka na, lalaki ka, alam mo, eto ha. May misconception kasi. Akala nila dapat babae lang ang nagfe-feel good about themselves. By submitting to science [that is] tested and proven, and especially the professionals behind it…even men should go!” Mayor Isko stressed. 

“You have to feel good about yourself, because it adds up. One way or another, it may be superficial, but it adds to your confidence. And especially in public service…aura is one of the elements na kailangan. Na kahit na ngarag na ngarag ka na, psychologically, physically, kailangan hangga’t maari, kung kaya mo maging fresh, that would be better.” 

Yorme first tried Thermage FLX in November 2019, and he’s still enjoying its amazing results. Check out the video on YouTube here.

5. To boost his immunity, Mayor Isko regularly uses the supplements in the Formula VB Immunity Kit.

In the early months of the pandemic, we released a Formula VB Immunity Kit, a curated set of supplements designed to boost your body’s defense system against COVID-19. Mayor Isko uses them regularly, especially since he’s been working hard lately. “There are supplements that help us na tumaas ang ating immune system. It’s not a guarantee, but one way or another, it supplements our immune system. COVID-19 is about our health,” he said.

You can shop the Formula VB Immunity Kit here.

6. He ended the live session with wise words everyone can learn from.

Yorme knows how difficult it is to continue to have hope, but he encourages everyone to be thankful for the blessings they still have. “What matters most at the end of the day is that you continue to have a goal, a dream. Huwag kayong mawawalan ng pag-asa. Right now, a lot of businesses are suffering. Don’t think that you’re alone, because your employees are also suffering… If you are facing problems, tingnan mo sa kabilang dako ng lipunan. Anong katatayuang meron ang ibang kapwa?” He said it’s important to check one’s privilege and realize we are still blessed in many more ways than we realize.

He also reminded us to not only lean on God for guidance, but to also do our part in making the world a better place for ourselves and for our loved ones. “We must learn how to survive. Survival nowadays is already a blessing… God is so busy addressing so many prayers, and God also taught us to take care of ourselves. While we pray and ask for guidance and blessings, we must do our share as human beings.”

You can watch the Live session in full here, and you can view our past sessions with other Belo Babies right here on our YouTube channel!

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