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5 Fitness YouTubers to Subscribe to for Your Next Home Workout

By Ysabel Vitangcol on October 22, 2020

Have you been keeping up with your fitness goals this year? Or have you, like many of us, been taking it easy on exercising while in quarantine? Don’t feel guilty if you are. We’ve all had to make adjustments in the “new normal,” after all. But for those who are looking to get back to exercising—or even just looking to switch it up from their usual routine—here are some fitness YouTubers you should subscribe to right now to change up your home workouts. No thanks needed!

1. Blogilates

Blogilates, or Cassey Ho, is one of the most well-known fitness YouTubers on the platform. The certified Pilates and Fitness instructor has a whole library of pilates exercises that target every part of your body. Toned abs? Check. Slimmer thighs? Yup. A full-body workout? She has it. While her videos are very challenging at any level, her engaging personality and helpful instructions help encourage you to push through every set. Not only will you get fit, but your spirits will also get a boost, too.

2. Nicole Kastoun

If you’re a yoga, barre, or HIIT fanatic, you need to check out fitness YouTuber Nicole Kastoun’s channel. The Barre and Pilates Instructor makes full-body workouts seem soothing and relaxing while simultaneously helping you work up a sweat. Her pilates-yoga fusion exercises will stretch and strengthen your body. Each video only lasts 30 minutes max, but you will definitely feel relaxed and loose by the end of the half-hour.

3. The Fitness Marshall

If you prefer to dance it out instead, then Caleb Marshall of The Fitness Marshall is a fitness YouTuber you should get to know. He picks out the catchiest, trendiest tunes of the moment and adds energetic choreography (and a whole lot of sass, too) that will make you sweat within minutes. It won’t feel like a workout, but it’s actually intense cardio disguised in the form of a dance party. Trust us—you will feel the burn.

4. FitnessBlender

Now if you like a more dedicated workout program, then FitnessBlender would be your go-to. Run by IRL husband-and-wife duo Daniel and Kelli, this channel has easy-to-follow videos for almost every type of exercise imaginable. If you want to add resistance to your at-home gym sesh, or even have your own basic weight training set-up, FitnessBlender’s content frequently includes these options.

5. POPSUGAR Fitness

EMBED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsAj_olnoOs

Finally, if you really want a variety of workout options, head over to the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel. They offer guided workout videos on barre, yoga, dance, Zumba, boxing, and more. Some of these exercises are led by Hollywood’s most in-demand celebrity trainers, so you’ll get to experience top-notch tutorials…all for free.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner to home workouts or a seasoned gym dweller. All that matters is you’re taking the step to living a more active lifestyle. So pull up your laptop, slip into your workout clothes, and get ready to sweat it out!

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