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Sunshine Dizon’s 5 Tips On How To Move On After A Failed Relationship

By Ysabel Vitangcol on April 2, 2018


It’s no secret that Sunshine Dizon, a popular actress in the Philippines, has been through a lot of challenges. When the news broke that her husband allegedly cheated on her, everyone began to anticipate what her next move would be. Thanks to her strength and confidence, she was able to deal with all the challenges and hardships with grace—and even inspired many people in the process. Here are her tips on how you and every woman out there can move on beautifully after a failed relationship.


  1. Address the problem head on.

It may seem impossible accepting it at first but acknowledging that there is a problem and facing it head on will help with the moving on process. Sunshine made a conscious effort take out the negativity in life and push through. So ladies, don’t be stuck in the past, always move forward.

  1. Give yourself the love you need.

Sunshine Dizon sitting on a Red ChairHer husband may have failed to give her the love she deserves, but the tough times taught her how to love herself more. Now, she knows that she shouldn’t on others for her happiness. “The key is to give yourself the love and respect you deserve,” Sunshine says.

  1. Do something that makes you happy and better yourself

Sunshine Dizon got BelofiedSunshine is taking control of her life by working out again, eating healthily and seeking expert beauty advice. She realized that when she does things that make you look and feel better, it’s a great way to boost her confidence and feel beautiful. One of the life-changing beauty treatments she tried: Laser Liposuction by Belo. It helped her lose 30 lbs, and her waist slimmed down from 37 inches to 27 inches.

  1. Strengthen your faith.

Sunshine Dizon with her kidsThroughout all the challenges, it was Sunshine’s strong faith that kept her afloat. When she combined that with the immense love she felt for her children, it gave her the inspiration she needed to celebrate the many other blessings in her life.

  1. Feel beautiful everyday and believe that everything will fall in its place.

Sunshine Dizon Had Laser Lipo by BeloGoing to Dr. Vicki Belo for beauty transformation and physical well-being was one of the most important steps she took. “We understand that every woman needs to look and feel good about themselves, especially mothers like Sunshine,” explains Dr. Belo. “We also understand the terrible stress she has to undergo regarding her personal life. We don’t want all these stress to make her less than who she is supposed to be. We want her to feel and look as beautiful as ever.”

We hope that these tips can help you as much as they’ve helped Sunshine. Remember that it’s always important to reflect on your own personal circumstances, so that you can do something about it and always stay positive—just like Sunshine. And for those who are going through the same hardships, Sunshine encourages them to follow her own personal mantra: “Don’t get mad, get beautiful.”

If you want to learn more about the treatments and procedures Sunshine has undergone with Belo, feel free to call 819-BELO (2356) or send us a message. Looking forward to a Belo beautiful day with you!

(Photo credit: Sunshine Dizon’s Instagram account @m_sunshinedizon)

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