How to Look Cute While Wearing a Face Mask

7 Ways to Look Cute While Wearing a Face Mask

By Ysabel Vitangcol on August 16, 2020

Let’s face it—the face mask is now an integral part of our 2020 OOTD (and, according to government regulations, so will the face shield). Sigh…don’t you miss the days when ‘face mask’ meant a 10:00 PM hyaluronic acid mask after a long work week? Us, too. But the key to getting through difficult times is acceptance. We might be literally living through something historic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try and cheer ourselves up by looking cute. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a boost of confidence right now. So we’ve rounded up 7 ways that you can look cute while wearing that little piece of life-saving fabric:

1. Build a collection of cute and reusable cloth masks.

Soooo the fashion industry’s pretty much kept up with the overwhelming demand for cuter, more Instagram-friendly masks. From small online shops to designer fare, nearly everyone who sells clothing is selling their own version of a reusable cloth mask. Take your pick, make sure it has an insert for medical-grade filters (very important!) and add to cart!

2. Match your mask with your outfit.

Again, in keeping with new demands, brands have now created matching cloth masks for their existing pieces, so you can rock terno chic without looking tacky. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fun new patterns—we could all use a touch of bright these days.

3. Pair your mask with a fun face shield.

Starting tomorrow (August 15, 2020), face shields will now be mandatory for employees reporting to work. But they don’t have to look sad and hazmat-like. There are a wide variety of face shields out there (some even have cartoon characters printed on them, if that’s your thing). Some even come with UV protection, so we definitely recommend those!

4. Some sunglasses wouldn’t hurt either!

If your face shield’s got room for them, you could also wear a cute pair of sunglasses underneath to complete the look and add extra droplet and UV protection. 

5. Make up for half your face not being visible with eye makeup.

It’s great to no longer need to wear foundation, right? But if you want to perk yourself up, go crazy with the eye makeup to make those peepers pop even more. They’ll definitely be the center of attention now that they’re the only things other people can see. 

6. Get dressy.

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Running a quick errand? Nix the usual big T-shirt and denim shorts combo and put on a casual but pretty dress. Chances are you haven’t put on a dress in a while, and we bet it’ll uplift your mood and make you feel like things are normal again, if only for a few hours. Don’t knock it ‘til ya try it.

7. Stay protected in style.

If you prefer the industrial look (and want full-body protection), pair your mask and face shield with the all-new Belo Genius Gear, now available for purchase at The Belo Shop. Made with diamond ripstop, this material is water-repellent, lightweight, and washable! Available in hot pink for women and army green for men. 

Even during a pandemic, you can still express your personal style while keeping yourself protected from the virus. Of course, the best way to keep safe is still to stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary for you to leave. But during the times you do have to leave, there’s no harm in going out in style. Stay safe!

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