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8 Tips for Effective Breast Reduction Recovery

By Ysabel Vitangcol on November 8, 2019

Breast reduction could save lives. Overly large breasts can cause a lot of problems that have serious effects. A mammoplasty or breast reduction procedure is often the most effective way to avoid these consequences. Apart from this, the right breast reduction recovery tips need to be observed so the patient is safe and will fully enjoy the benefits of the procedure. 

Breast Reduction Recovery Tips

Here are the 10 best ways to make sure you are fully-healed after your breast reduction. They are simple but also require lots of discipline. In the end, the goal is to make sure there are no complications post-op, recovery is fast, and the results are lasting. 

#1 Make time

Before going through with the procedure, make sure you’ve scheduled your life to include the recovery. Understand that you can’t just go back to your normal routine immediately. It will take two to three months for the swelling to subside. Postpone trips if possible and various activities that will subject your body to stress and strain. 

#2 Don’t leave your diet behind

During your recovery period, you’ll most likely change your habits. Take this as an opportunity to start on a good diet. This is because you need to mind your weight while recovering. Large breasts are made of fat so you could easily undo the breast reduction if indulge your food cravings. 

#3 Keep your doctor abreast with the latest

Excuse the pun. But it is important that you consult your doctor at any time you feel anything odd during your recovery period. If there is excessive pain or swelling along the area of your stitches, inform your doctor at once and go for a check-up. 

#4 Take a break from working out

Since your chest area is very delicate and sensitive given the stitches, avoid exercise for the time being. Your body shouldn’t be exposed to unnecessary physical exertion. Let it direct all its capabilities to heal itself. You also might be subjecting yourself to an accident if you force yourself to work out before recovering fully as there’s still sensitivity. 

#5 Scars? Relax, they will fade in time

Since breast reduction is a surgical treatment, scarring is normal. At Belo Medical Group, the operation is done with care and in a manner that causes the least amount of scars. Soon enough, they will disappear. All you need to do is follow the right recovery tips so your skin will correct itself. At most, they will be barely-there lines from the procedure. 

#6 Give your baby the bottle

For moms, breastfeeding isn’t best after a breast reduction. It’s then wiser to undergo the surgery after your done with breastfeeding and if your baby is now comfortable with the milk bottle. 

#7 Stick to your bra

After your procedure, you will be given a specialized surgical bra. This helps support your breasts and makes sure they heal properly. It also serves as a protection, so wear it until the doctor says otherwise. There will be time for cute lingerie soon!

#8 Sleep it off…in the best position

When going to bed, observe that you sleep on your back. Any other position while catching some ZZZs might deform your breasts or affect the stitches. Allow them to be free from the pressure!

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