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What To Do During Breast Reduction Recovery

By Ysabel Vitangcol on May 27, 2019

Whether it was done for aesthetic or medical purposes, breast reduction is a major surgical procedure. And with it comes doctor’s orders to take your recovery time seriously

After undergoing breast reduction, the area may feel sore or tender to the touch, and the bandages and scars may look alarming. During your recovery time, take note of the following: 

Make time out for your recovery

Swelling in the area will subside in two to three months, and the stitches will fade out in time. Breastfeeding will be compromised after the procedure, so it’s best to time your breast reduction and recovery to be done after you’re done with breastfeeding. 

Always wear your surgical bra

Your doctor will require you to wear a specialized, surgical bra to keep your breasts in place, and to avoid any strain or movement in the area that may cause a change in shape or pain.  

Rethink your sleep position

It’s worth reminding that your breasts now have a new shape and have undergone a breast lift as well, so you need to take care of them and learn how to sleep on your back. 

Avoid exercise or any strenuous activities

The stitches in the area need time to heal, so avoid bending over, stretching, running, jogging, lifting heavy objects, and the like. Doing any of these activities will cause unnecessary strain, weight, and pain in the chest area, or will cause your stitches to open up or take a slower time to heal. 

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