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All Your Questions about Chin and Jaw Fillers, Answered!

By Ysabel Vitangcol on September 25, 2020

In the past week, we’ve talked about the ancient Golden Ratio and how it can determine your level of facial symmetry and beauty. We’ve *also* told you about a very special offer on a treatment that will help you achieve the sculpted, youthful visage of your dreams: up to 25% off on Juvéderm Voluma fillers! If you’re thinking about trying them, we’re sure you have a lot of questions. Read on to find our answers to the most frequently asked questions about chin and jaw fillers.

Q: What are Juvéderm fillers made of?

A: First off, Juvéderm fillers for the chin and jaw are designed to replenish lost hyaluronic acid (HA) content in the face. We naturally lose HA and collagen as we age, causing parts of our face to look sunken or saggy. These fillers are made of a modified form of HA, making them safe because it’s a naturally occurring component in the body. 

Q: What’s hyaluronic acid?

A: Hyaluronic acid is a substance in the body with the amazing ability to retain water. According to Dr. Vicki Belo, it’s able to retain up to 1000 times its weight in water, making it an ideal method for plumping the face and restoring much-needed volume. You can apply it topically with readily-available products like sheet masks and serums, but it’s also been used by doctors around the world as a dermal filler.

Q: How do I know if I need them?

A: Juvéderm Voluma is primarily used to shape the facial contours, such as the jawline, chin, lips, and cheeks. You might need them if your chin is lacking in volume, giving the illusion that it’s “connected” to your neck. Check out this before-and-after:

Does your chin look a little flat? This can result in your overall facial shape looking squarish. To elongate the face, this patient had chin fillers done as well:

As you can see, fillers make a noticeable difference in your facial structure, youthfulness, and demeanor. Ultimately, a consultation with one of our doctors is needed before you can try fillers. You can click here to book an online consult, or call 8819-BELO to book an IRL one.

Q: Are the results immediate?

Absolutely! One session takes less than 30 minutes, and the results are *instantaneous.* 

Q: Will I experience any side effects afterwards?

You may experience minimal swelling, redness, and discomfort, but these subside within a few days to a week after the treatment. 

Q: Are the results going to be permanent?

A: Because Juvéderm Voluma is made of hyaluronic acid, the body will break it down in around eight to 12 months using an enzyme called hyaluronidase. These enzymes serve as a catalyst for the dissolution of hyaluronic acid. Kylie Jenner has personally admitted to using Juvéderm fillers to plump her lips, but reports have shown that her lip size has become smaller over time, suggesting that her fillers are beginning to dissolve. In other words, it’s a perfectly natural and safe process!

We hope this answered all your questions! To move forward in your journey towards a more sculpted jaw and chin, the next step is a consultation!

Click here to book an online consultation with a Belo MD.

Click here to book an online consultation with Dr. Vicki Belo.

We’re offering up to 25% OFF on Juvéderm Voluma fillers until October 30, 2020! Call 8819-BELO to book your appointment. 

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