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Get Whipped Into Shape by Following These 4 Fitness Instructors

By Ysabel Vitangcol on September 12, 2020

From Chloe Ting to Pamela Reif and more, people everywhere are learning to get a good workout in at home. We’re all realizing that you don’t necessarily need a bulky squat rack to achieve your body goals—all it takes is minimal equipment, an internet connection, and the discipline to follow through. And to make that even easier for you, we’ve rounded up four local fitness gurus whose physiques will inspire and motivate you…and whose stories will push you to keep on going!

1. The Pilates Pioneer: Tanya Aguila

Tanya Aguila

Tanya Aguila is the #girlboss and co-founder of ONELIFE, a chain of boutique Pilates and Physical Therapy studios in Manila (the first of its kind). She is a multi-certified Pilates, Yoga, and movement professional. She was also one of the first Nike Training Club coaches for Manila, Philippines and is currently a mentor-in-training for internationally renowned Polestar Pilates. Tanya is a big champion of local businesses and brands and she strongly believes in two advocacies: self-care, and women empowerment. 

As a coach, she believes in sustainable fitness and compassionate coaching. She champions holistic and highly personalised self-care, which is why ONELIFE focuses on both Physical Therapy and Pilates, for injury management and rehabilitation, and one-on-one trainings, for at-your-own-pace fitness. For ONELIFE, fitness is not measured in inches or pounds, but in the ability to continue to do the things you love, free from pain, for life. 

2. The Yogi: Rianna Gatus

Rianna Gatus

Rianna Gatus has been teaching yoga for more than ten years. She teaches smart, dynamic, and intuitive yoga classes. Rianna found the mat through tough times of personal grief. As one of the founders of Beyond Yoga studios in Manila, she opened the space with the desire to share yoga to people around her.

She is trained in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Hot Yoga, with more than 1,000 hours of training and continuing education under her belt. Her goal as a teacher trainer is to train people with emphasis on skillful and precise sequencing, hands on assists that are connected and confident, and the ability to create an experience that brings people back to themselves. Her vision is a world with more yoga because everybody deserves it.

3. The Dancer: Sam Corrales

Sam Corrales

Sam Corrales is a dance fitness instructor of 808 Studio, Manila’s first boutique dance fitness studio. She is a former national team athlete who has won numerous awards in the local and international cheerleading scene. As an alumnus of the UP Pep Squad and with over a decade of training, Sam knows what it means to lead and inspire others to be confident in themselves through dance and movement.

Aside from this, Sam worked with ABS-CBN Sports+Action as the courtside reporter for the UP Fighting Maroons in UAAP Season 81. She is currently an ambassador of adidas Philippines and has partnered with many brands to advocate a healthy lifestyle. 

4. The Bikram Directress: Ollay Aninion

Ollay Aninion

With more than 10 years of teaching experience, Ollay Aninion is strictly bound to impart what she has been trained: how Bikram Yoga is scientifically proven to revitalize, reorganize, and re-energize the human body with a strong mind. As the directress of the first Bikram Yoga studio in Manila, she has established a strong brand of service and a solid community of practitioners who treat each other like family. As the local community is getting bigger and getting more serious about why and from whom they practice Bikram Yoga, she foresees a future in which Bikram yoga will become a daily necessity, everyday habit, and a way of life.

Make them a part of your fitness journey by joining the online classes of ONELIFE, Beyond Yoga, 808 Studio, and Bikram Yoga Manila. And guess what: members of these studios (and more!) get special Belo rewards! Click here for more details.

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