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This TikTok Fitness Content Creator Is Also a Belo Doctor!

By Ysabel Vitangcol on January 20, 2021

While the pandemic may have forced a lot of us to stay indoors during the lockdown, it also unleashed many Filipinos’ creativity. 

You may already have heard of TikTok user Doc Jet Fitness, who has amassed a whopping 87,900 followers. That’s because she shares diet tips and fun workout videos to dance-worthy tunes. What’s great about her videos is that most of them don’t require any special equipment and can be done at home. With her bright and cheerful vibe, she feels like that bubbly gym buddy we all need.

Did you know that she’s actually also a Belo doctor? No wonder she looks amazing! Meet the woman behind Doc Jet Fitness—Dr. Jetty Magalona—and learn the story behind her TikTok journey.


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While Dr. Jetty would keep on hearing about TikTok dance trends, she was always too busy to even find time to download the app. But when the lockdown happened in 2020, she decided to sign up in March and found it to be super enjoyable.

Dr. Jetty first used the app just to do dance videos, but soon enough, she found herself creating her own fitness clips, and her first upload now has 167,000 views. “One of my followers asked me for help on how to lose weight, and that’s when my fitness videos came in,” she recalls. “The very first video I posted about fitness got viral and the rest was history.”


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Dr. Jetty has actually had an active lifestyle. At age of 13, she did aerobics.  But she wasn’t always as trim and fit as she is now. “I was a fat kid from 10 to 12 years old,” she shares. “At 12, I already knew about calorie deficits and read books about nutrition.”

During her high school and college years, Dr. Jetty would spend her free time pursuing sports and dancing. “I was a swimmer, cheer dancer, basketball player, mountaineer (and the muse),” she added with a chuckle. 

As an aesthetic physician at Belo, Dr. Jetty is able to tie in her content creation for TikTok because it serves as a good example to their patients (P.S. She loves her work so much that she’s been with Belo for 17 years already!). “Our patients look up to us, and when you look good and confident yourself, your patients believe you,” she says. “Fitness and working out makes your skin healthy and believe me it also makes you look really young. Most of my followers think I’m still single and that I’m their age at mid-20s,” she adds with a laugh. 

How does being fit relate to skin health and overall wellness? “Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, drink lots of water; it’s the same answer when you ask about what to do to have nice skin,” Dr. Jetty says. “It’s because it’s the same formula.”


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♬ original sound – Doc Jet Fitness

With more TikTok users following Dr. Jetty, she’s even more motivated to keep coming up with content. “People have messaged me saying that I have inspired them to get fit and this has made a big difference in their lives,” she says with a smile. “Fitness is for everyone and I’m willing to share it to the world. I’m glad I’m reaching out to the younger generation, to introduce them to a fit lifestyle even when they’re still young. I am very grateful to the people who followed me and worked out with me. I feel like I have a great sense of purpose and I am very passionate about this.”

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Book an online appointment with her by clicking here, or by visiting the Belo BGC flagship clinic.

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